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The "King of Stuntmen"! He started racing motorcycles at age 15, and was soon so good that he had to move on to new challenges. He could start a race from the back row, facing the opposite direction and still win. So he turned to stunting and earned a reputation as a "terror on wheels" -- crashing through fire walls, jumping boxes filled with rattlesnakes, zipping down the landing ramp past leashed mountain lions waiting at the end. He thrilled crowds all over the world with his ever lengthening "World's Longest Motorcycle Jump" -- clearing the fantastic totals of 19 parked cars, 50 stacked cars, or even 14 Greyhound buses at one point! In spite of spectacular crashes resulting in countless broken bones, Evel Knievel continued his quest for ever-more-thrilling motorcycle feats -- The greatest of which was to be a planned mile-long jump on a rocket powered sky-cycle over Idaho's Snake River Canyon!

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