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Name:  Baragon 
Height:  82 ft.
Mass:  275 tons

Flame blast from mouth, emits a ray from his nasal horn, brute strength, burrowing ability, trumendous jumping ability.
First appearance:
Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)

Fight Record: 1 Loss
Baragon is thought to be a dinosaur who burrowed underground to escape the post-Cretaceous climate changes, his glowing nasal horn lighting the way as he travels through the strata of the Earth. He seemed to have been killed in a battle with Frankenstein's monster, but later turned up as an inmate of Monster Island in Destroy All Monsters. Though Baragon was blamed for the destruction of Paris in Destroy All Monsters, it was actually Gorosaurus who leveled the Arc de Triomphe. Baragon witnessed, but did not take part in, the film's climactic battle.