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Name:  Biollante 
Height:  394 ft.
Mass:  200,000 tons

Spines, radioactive sap spray, choking vines
First appearance:
Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)
Fight Record:
1 loss, 1 tie

One of Godzilla's most bizzare foes. Bollante is the heaviest, and the third tallest Godzilla foe to date. Biollante was created by Dr. Shiragami, a geneticist from the Middle Eastern country of Saradia. Years before, a bomb went off in his lab and killed his daughter, Erica. Shirigami believed though that his daughter's spirit was in her favorite rose bush. In an attempt to revive his daughter, Shirigami combined the cell of Erica's rose bush with Godzilla cells. The rose grew very big, and eventually, it was able to walk, and broke out of Shirigami's lab. The rose grew very tall, and settled in a nearby lake. Miki Saegusa, a psychic and friend of Shirigami, heard Biollante, the rose, calling Godzilla. Shirigami figured that since Biollante contained Godzilla, cells, then they're both the same exact creature. Godzilla and Biollante engaged in a battle in the lake, and Godzilla easily defeated Biollante. Biollante later grew much bigger, and gained an acidic sap spray weapon that came from it mouth. Biollante and Godzilla engaged in a short battle, until Godzilla retreated back into the ocean. Biollante then flew up into space. Biollante is believed to be one of the causes of Spacegodzilla's creation, since Biollante launched into space.