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Name:  Ebirah 
Height:  197 ft.
Length:  360 ft.
Mass:  25,300 tons

Powers/Weapons: Claws.

First appearance: Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster (1966)
Fight Record: 2 Losses
A mammoth crustacean living in the shallows off the South Seas island of Letchi, Ebirah was employed by an evil organization called the Red Bamboo Army to keep their slave laborers from escaping. No one knows what caused Ebirah to attain such a trumendous size, but rumors of heavy-water leakage from the red Bamboo's nuclear reactor persist to this day. Although possesing no energy weapons, Ebirah's powerful pincers and underwater attacks kept Godzilla off balance until the mighty reptile declawed the colossal crustacean and sent it into total retreat