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Name:  Fire Rodan 
Height:  320 ft.
Wing span:  394 ft.
Mass:  17,600 tons

Uranium heat beam, flies at Mach 1.5, wings create windstorms, powerful beak and claws
First appearance: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993)
Fight Record: 2 losses

Fire Rodan is larger and heavier than original Rodan, and is capable of emitting a uranium heat beam. Competing with Godzilla to protect a baby Godzillasaurus, Fire Rodan defeated the U.N.'s flying Garuda battlecraft, but came up short against Mechagodzilla. In his dying moment, Fire Rodan purposely landed on an already dead Godzilla. His discorporating body released a blizzard of radioactive energy that brought Godzilla back to life, mending his sacral brain and allowing him the ultimate triumph against Mechagodzilla, who had seemingly slain him earlier.