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Name:  Gabara 
Height:  190 ft.
Mass:  25,300 tons

Lightning bolts from arms and horn, shocking touch
First appearance:
Godzilla's Revenge (1969)
Fight Record:
1 Win, 2 Losses

It is unknown if Gabera really exists - his only appearance was in the dreams of a young japanese boy named Kenny. One of the strangest of all Godzilla's foes, this warbling, knobby ogre seems derived from no animal known on Earth. Existing only in the dreams of a young Japanese boy, Gabara persecuted the much smaller Minya on Monster Island, bullying the young monster mercilessly. Only when Minya had received combat training from Godzilla was he able to successfully challenge his tormentor. Finally, Gabara was confronted by Godzilla himself, given a sound thrashing, and sent to lick his wounds deep in the jungle of Monster Island.