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Name:  King Ghidorah 
Height:  492 ft.
Wing span:  574 ft.
Mass:  88,000 tons

Flies at Mach 3, gravity beams from mouth, hurricane-strength winds from wings
First appearance: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Fight Record: 1 loss

King Ghidorah was created by people from the 23rd century. The Futurians, as they were called, traveled in time back to 1992 claiming that Godzilla was going to destroy Japan for good soon. The Futurians and the Japanese government decided to travel back before 1954 to Lagos Island, the home of a Godzillasaurus. In 1954 an H-Bomb test on the nearby island Bikini mutated the Godzillasaurus into Godzilla. The Futurians teleportated the Godzillasaurus away from Lagos, but at the same time, left three genetically engineered creatures called Dorats on the island. The Dorats mutated and combined to form one giant monster, called King Ghidorah, from the H-Bomb test in 1954, and later attacked Japan. The Futurians had lied to the Japanese government about Godzilla's raid before and actually wanted to destroy Japan with King Ghidorah because Japan became the most powerful country in the world after the 20th century. Meanwhile, a more powerful Godzilla, made with modern nuclear weapons, was living off of the coast of Japan. The new Godzilla later confronted King Ghidorah and nearly killed him. Godzilla also sliced off King Ghidorah's middle head using his trademark atomic heat ray. Godzilla then went on to destroy the Futurians, and then advanced his attack to Japan. One good Futurian, named Emmy, decided to travel back into the future to revive King Ghidorah. The result was Mecha-King Ghidorah.