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Name:  Ghidrah 
Height:  328 ft.
Wing span:  492 ft.
Mass:  33,000 tons

Flight at mach 3, lightning bolts from its three mouths, hurricane winds from wings.

First appearance:
Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster (1964)
Fight Record: 1 Win, 4 Losses
Identified as a planet-destroyer from antiquity, the original Ghidra came from space and arrived on Earth encased in a magnetic meteor. Ghidrah's success as a villainous monster stems in part from the fact that it is a creature of inherent evil and chaos. Never does even a hint of restraint affect the beast; it presses ahead, ever the unstoppable dreadnought, blasting civilization and savage opponents alike. Three times Ghidrah has been controlled by spacemen intent on channeling its destructive energy to their own ends: first by the Xians, then by the Kilaaks, and finally by the cockroach-like Spacehunter Nebula M spacemen. Thanks to the force of its evil personailty, however, Ghidrah never engenders audience sympathy, coming across less as a pawn than merely the logical extention of its masters' hostile intentions.