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Name:  Gigan 
Height:  213 ft.
Mass:  27,500 tons

Buzzsaw in abdomen, laser eye weapons, hook-claw hands, flight at Mach 3
First appearance:
Godzilla on Monster Island (1972)
Fight Record:
Win 1, Losses 2

Gigan is a cyborg from Nebula Spacehunter M. Little is known about Gigan's origin or inner workings. Gigan came from outer space to aid the cockroach-like spacemen of the Nebula in their invasion of Earth. Gigan has a distinctive, rasping cry and uses powerful blows from its hooklike claws to demolish any manmade structure blocking its path. It boasts a cranial horn, scythe-clawed feet, and three membrane dorsal sails, on which it flies. Gigan delights in attacking from the air, dive-bombing its opponents and gashing them with the buzzsaw cutter in its belly. Gigan also sports a tooth-lined, hooked beak below a single red, visorlike eye. Gigan's inherent cowardice may be its greatest weakness. The cyborg is happy to attack an opponent who is dazed or whose back is turned, but it will just as quickly flee, even abondoning an ally if the tide of battle turns against them.