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Name:  Gimantis 
Height:  164 ft.
Mass:  3,080 tons

Spiked claws, mandibles, flight

First appearance:
Son of Godzilla (1967)
Fight Record:
Losses 3, Ties 1
Deep in the jungles of Sollgel Island lived a group of Kamacuras, two-meter tall insects lacking attennae but otherwise resembling overgrown praying mantises. A United Nations weather control experiment on Sollgel accidentally doused the island in a radioactive rainstorm, causing at least three of the Kamacuras to balloon to the size of Godzilla. Attempting to devour Godzilla's just-hatched son Minya, the gigantic insects were quickly routed by Godzilla himself. One of them was later defeated in battle by the giant spider, Speiga, but at least one was seen living peacefully among the other monsters imprisoned on Monster Island