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Name:  Godzilla 
Height:  164 ft.
Mass:  22,000 tons

Atomic breath, super regenerative power (Godzilla can be wounded but he heals very rapidly)
First appearance:
Godzilla (1954)

The original Godzilla was named after a legendary sea dragon that lived off of the coast of Odo Island. Godzilla was born in 1954 by the radiation that came from the blast of the atomic bomb. Godzilla arrived to the coast of Japan and attacked Tokyo, causing massive destruction. He was later killed in Tokyo Bay by the oxygen destroyer, a weapon invented by Dr. Serizawa. The oxygen destroyer dissolved all oxygen in water, so no life form could breathe. The doctor did not want his terrible invention to be used again, so he burned his research notes, and died along with Godzilla in Tokyo Bay.