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Name:  Godzilla II 
Height:  164 ft.
Mass:  22,000 tons

Atomic breath, super regenerative power (Godzilla can be wounded but he heals very rapidly)
First appearance:
Gigantis the Fire Monster (1955)
Fight Record:
Wins 18, Losses 3, Ties 7

In 1955, a new Godzilla was discovered fighting another monster called Anguirus, on Iwato Island. The new Godzilla made his way to Osaka causing great destruction. Anguirus arrived, but was later killed by the king of the monsters. After the Osaka massacre, Godzilla was spotted on a small, icy island. The military then buried Godzilla by causing an avalanche. Seven years later, Godzilla broke out of the iceburg. In 1964, Godzilla (along with Rodan) was asked by Mothra to join forces and help save Japan from the three headed space monster King Ghidorah. From that year on, Godzilla slowly transformed from Japan's greatest enemy, to the protector of Japan from the menace of giant monsters and invasions by spacemen.