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Name:  Godzilla (1991) 
Height:  328 ft.
Mass:  66,000 tons

Atomic breath, super regenerative power (Godzilla can be wounded but he heals very rapidly), nuclear pulse
First appearance:
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Fight Record:
6 wins, 4 losses, 4 ties

Created by the fury of modern nuclear weapons due to a sunken Soviet submarine, this Godzilla is much larger and more powerful than any of his other incarnations. Like other Godzillas, this Godzilla has an incredible regenerative factor, allowing him to heal injuries almost instantly. Godzilla also is able to spit a beam of incredible force. This Godzilla is also able to generate a devastating nuclear pulse, an undirected current of atomic power released from his body in all directions. Following his absorption of the radioactive energies of Fire Rodan, Godzilla gained an even more powerful radioactive breath attack, a golden ray of death and obliteration. In his dying days, as the terrible 'Burning Godzilla', Godzilla's body was giving off incredible heat, boiling the waters of the ocean as he swam through them. Such was the rampant, uncontrollable nature of Godzilla's nuclear energy at this point that all of his attacks were very variable in power, at times being weaker than normal and at other times being vastly more powerful than usual.