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Name:  Godzilla (GxM)
Height:  180 ft.
Mass:  27,500 tons

Atomic fire breath, razor sharp spines.
First appearance:
Godzilla x Megaguirus (2000)

After Godzilla's first attack on Tokyo in 1954, it went back to the sea. Godzilla did not reappear until 1966, attracted by Japan's first nuclear power plant. Godzilla attacked the facility and destroyed it. From then on, Japan had to depend on alternative evergy sources but the demmand was just too high. In 1996, plasma energy was invented as a powerful alternative energy source that would not attract Godzilla. But, Godzilla soon appeared in Osaka and destroyed the Institute of Science, where the plasma energy source was stored. Plasma energy was banned yet some government officials insisted on keeping a secret stash at the Institue of Science, thereby, attracting Godzilla once again. In 2001, the anti-Godzilla military unit "G-Graspers" developed the "Dimension Tide," a large gun that fired a miniature black hole that would, in theory, suck Godzilla into another dimension. The Dimension Tide's attempts failed and the weapon burned up in the Earth's atmosphere after the second attempt. Godzilla still roamed the Earth freely.