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Name:  Godzilla Jr. 
Height:  131 ft.
Mass:  16,500 tons

Atomic ray, regenerative power
First appearance:
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)
Fight Record:
1 win, 1 loss

After Birth Island melted, both Godzilla and Little Godzilla absorbed a massive dose of radition. Little Godzilla, now called Godzilla Junior, grew ten meters taller and took on the appearance of his father. Godzilla, though, had absored too much radiation, and was slowly melting down. While Godzilla Junior was swimming to Adonoa Island, his birthplace, two psychics, Miki Saegusa and Meru, lured Godzilla Junior to Tokyo to attract the adult Godzilla, hoping he would fight Destoroyah. Destoroyah was a product of the Oxygen Destroyer, the weapon that killed the original Godzilla in 1954, and the Japanese government figured that Destoroyah could stop the original Godzilla from melting down. Godzilla Junior engaged in battle with Destoroyah, and was killed by it. Godzilla, along with the Super X3 and freezer weapons, killed Destoroyah. Godzilla, though, soon became too hot in temperature, and melted down. The deceased Godzilla Junior, absorbed his father's energy, and was resurrected into a 100 meter tall, adult Godzilla.