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Name:  Godzillasaurus
Height:  39 ft.
Mass:  66 tons

Jaws, teeth, tail swipe
First appearance:
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Fight Record:
1 win, 1 loss

Godzilla was originally a dinosaur, named the "Godzillasaurus," who lived on Lagos Island. In 1994, during World War II, a Japanese garrison was attacked by Americans on Lagos. As the battle continued, Godzillasaurus appeared, and killed the American forces. An offshore battleship attacked the Godzillasaurus, and wounded him. Before the Japanese garrison left, they visited their wounded savior, and thanked him for saving their lives. In 1954, an H-Bomb test took place on a nearby island called Bikini. The radiation mutated the Godzillasaurus into the original Godzilla.