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Name:  Kiryu I
Height:  197 ft.
Mass:  44,000 tons

Maser cannons, lasers, rockets, absolute zero cannon, limited flight.
First appearance:
Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (2002)

The Kiryu or "Machine Dragon," was built by the Japanese government to rid Japan from the threat of Godzilla. Kiryu is a bio-mechanical weapon constructed, in part, using G-Cells and the bones of the original Godzilla. Kiryu contains a "DNA computer," so it can virtually think, and act like the real Godzilla. During Kiryu's first confrontation with Godzilla the DNA computer malfunctioned when it heard Godzilla roar. The roar caused Kiryu to think that it was the real Godzilla, and it went amok until it's energy supply was depleted. This flaw was fixed soon afterwards. Kiryu relies heavily on the support of four jets called the Shirigashi. Since Kiryu has only limited flying capabilities with its jet pack, it must be transported by these jets. Kiryu's power is relayed from its source at a nearby military base by microwave, to the Shirigashi craft which then transfers it to Kiryu. Kiryu is remotely controlled from the Shirigashi, but it may be also be operated from inside Kiryu, in an emergency. Kiryu's chief weapon is the Absolute Zero Cannon, a hideously powerful freeze ray mounted in its chest which can turn concrete and steel into icy dust in a matter of seconds.