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Name:  King Kong 
Height:  148 ft.
Mass:  27,500 tons

Brute strength, rock throwing, judo flips, electric current from fingers
First appearance:
King King vs. Godzilla (1962)

Fight Record: 5 Wins, 1 Loss
The most famous Godzilla foe is surely the eigth wonder of the world --- King Kong. Discovered on the South Seas island of Faro, the super-sized simian is captured and transported to Japan by a publicity-hungry pharmaceutical company. Breaking his bonds, Kong wades ashore and meets Godzilla in two encounters. He recieves the worst of the reptile's radioactive ray in round one, but comes back from defeat to battle the King of the Monsters to a standstill at the foot of Mount Fuji, though he seemingly wins the battle by being able to swim back to Faro Island after it's done, leaving Godzilla submerged in the ocean depths.