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Name:  Megalon 
Height:  180 ft.
Mass:  44,000 tons

Lightning bolts, spits napalm bombs, burrough underground, flight
First appearance:
Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)
Fight Record:
1 Win, 1 Losses

Megalon is the monster god of the underwater city of Seatopia, sent by the Seatopians along with Gigan to conquer the surface of Earth. Though strongly resembling a titanic bipedal roach, Megalon differs from a typical insect in having just four limbs instead of the usual six. However, it does sport two pairs of wings --- an outer, colorful protective pair, and beneath, a more utilitarian pair whose function is flight. Megalon surely has the most interesting hands of any monster. Each is the shape of a knobby spade, and, when brought together, the two become a rotating drill capable of boring through the strata of the Earth and allowing Megalon to travel underground with truly incredible speed.