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Name:  Millennian
Height:  131 ft.
Mass:  11,000 tons

Tentacles, telepathy, makes its body using cells of other creatures.

First appearance: Godzilla 2000 (1999)
Regarded as Orga's first form, the Millennian was the product of the alien without form aboard the UFO, and Regenerator G-1, Godzilla's regenerative power. The Crisis Control Intelligence agency discovered a meteorite at the bottom of the ocean, and discovered it contained materials that could create a new energy source. The CCI attempted to hoist the rock out of the water, until it began to move on its own. The meteorite was actually a UFO encased in rock. The UFO was controlled by aliens who had crashed into the Earth's ocean 60 million years ago. In order to survive, the aliens abandoned their bodies, and had no form. The aliens then found Godzilla, and decided to take on his form, so they could conquer the world, and create a "Millennium Kingdom." The UFO extracted Regenerator G-1 from Godzilla, and created the Millennian. The Millennian was the aliens' first step into creating Orga.