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Name:  M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
Height:  394 ft.
Mass:  176,000 tons

Plasma laser cannons in eyes, plasma maser cannon in chest, spiral gernade missiles, flies at Mach 1 on Earth, Mach 44 in space; can separate into the Star Falcon, a flying ship, and the Land MOGUERA, a burrowing tank-like vehicle.

First appearance: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)
Fight Record: 2 losses, 1 tie
Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-Type. After Godzilla defeated Mechagodzilla, the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center (aka "G-Force") built MOGUERA as another anti-Godzilla weapon. When G-Force found that SpaceGodzilla was bound for Earth, MOGUERA was used to fight him instead. Mogera and SpaceGodzilla engaged in battle in the asteroid belt, with SpaceGodzilla gaining an easy victory. The heavily damaged MOGUERA headed back to Earth, and for repairs. MOGUERA then fought alongside Godzilla to defeat SpaceGodzilla. One of the MOGUERA's crew (Yuki) who had a grudge against Godzilla, took control of the MOGUERA and tried to fight Godzilla. the other crew-members knocked him out, taking back control of the MOGUERA. The combined efforts of MOGUERA and Godzilla finally kill Spacegodzilla, but MOGUERA was heavily damaged during the battle. Godzilla destroyed the remains of MOGUERA, possibly for revenge for when Yuki used the super-weapon to attack Godzilla. It is not known whether Japanese taxpayers were mad or not for after the destruction of all these eleventy-zillion dollar super-robots.