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Name:  Mothra 
Length:  213 ft.
Wing span:  574 ft.
Mass:  22,000 tons

Flight at Mach 3, strong hurricane-like winds created with wings, poison powder
First appearance: Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
Fight Record: 1 win, 2 ties

Several thousand years ago, there was an advanced human society on Infant Island that was defended by Mothra. The advanced civilization, though, created a weather-controlling device which insulted the Earth. The Earth then created Battra, also known as the "black Mothra," to destroy the civilization. Mothra fought a fierce battle with Battra, and defeated the "black Mothra." In 1993, a meteorite hit Earth, and Mothra's egg was revealed on Infant Island after the impact. A Battra larvae immedietely appeared, and began to hunt for his enemy. Mothra later formed a cacoon on the Diet Building, the capital building, in Tokyo, to form an adult moth. Battra also transformed into an adult moth, and the two rivals confronted. Godzilla appears, and there is a three way battle between the monsters. Mothra and Battra then decide that Godzilla is a threat to Earth, and join forces. Battra and Mothra carry Godzilla out to sea. Godzilla bites and blasts his atomic ray on Battra's neck, and kills him. Mothra then drops Godzilla into the sea. Another meteorite begins to head towards Earth, and will impact in 1999. Battra was originally going to destroy this meteorite, but is unable to, of course, because he's dead. Mothra then flies into space.