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Name:  Titanosaurus 
Height:  197 ft.
Mass:  33,000 tons

Cyclone tail, jump kick, head-butt, uppercut punch
First appearance:
Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
Fight Record:
1 Win, 1 Loss, 1 Tie

By nature a shy and retiring amphibious dinosaur, Titanosaurus had survived extinction and avoided detection since prehistoric times. Somehow, the mad scientist, Dr. Mafune, found this peaceful dinosaur, placed it under his control, and forced it to fight Godzilla alongside Mechagodzilla. It is an excellent swimmer, thanks to its forked and webbed fantail. On land it assumes an upright stance with a graceful neck and cranial crest. the head resembles that of a sharp-toothed barracuda, with finny ears and twin spines over gleaming, yellow-hued cat-like eyes.