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Name:  UFO
Length:  656 ft.
Width:  427 ft.
Mass:  21,000 tons

Flight; can fire beam from side cannon; able to implant cables in structures and terrain which the Millennian can control; can fire a shockwave; able to create energetic tentacles which absorb information from nearby computers and genetic data
First appearance: Godzilla 2000 (1999)

Sixty million years ago, an alien spacecraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean, sinking into the deep vastness of the Ogasawara Trench off Japan. There it lay until discovered by a remote submarine operated by Japan's Crisis Control Intelligence. The CCI made efforts to raise the UFO, but as the rock-encrusted object rose towards the surface, the solar energy reactivated long dormant systems and the UFO completed its surfacing of its own accord. After a day of soaking in the sun's rays, the UFO became airborne, flying toward Tokai and the JSDF efforts against Godzilla. The saucer scanned Godzilla on a molecular level. Believing Godzilla to be the dominant species of the planet, and wanting its superior form in order to conquer the planet, the UFO attacked Godzilla and created the monster Orga from Godzilla's cells.