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Televison Episode Guide

SEASON 1 (1949 - 1950)
(Episodes 1 through 52)

Lone Ranger - Clayton Moore
Tonto - Jay Silverheels

Enter The Lone Ranger September 15, 1949 Episode # 1

The Lone Ranger is the sole survivor of a massacre of Texas Rangers by a gang of outlaws, led by Butch Cavendish (Glenn Strange ) with the debut episode of the Lone Ranger starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. George Lewis plays the part of Collins.

The Lone Ranger Fights On September 22, 1949 Episode # 2

The Lone Ranger finds Silver and rescues him from a buffalo attack. Jim Blane (Ralph Littlefield) agrees to work the Lone Ranger's secret silver mine and make silver bullets for him. The Butch Cavendish Gang is located near Colby. Glenn Strange plays the part of Butch Cavendish, Walter Sande is Sheriff Taylor, George Chesebro is Doc Drummond, George Lewis is Collins and Jack Clifford plays the part of Jerry.

The Lone Ranger Triumphs September 29, 1949 Episode # 3

The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Sheriff Two Gun Taylor (Walter Sande) capture Butch Cavendish (Glenn Strange) & his gang. As they prepare to leave Colby, The Lone Ranger vows to keep his mask on and continue his fight for justice. George Chesebro plays the part of Doc Drummond and Jack Clifford plays the part of Jerry.

Legion of Old Timers October 6, 1949 Episode # 4

Banty Bishop (Emmett Lynn) rounds up a "legion of old timers" to help Bob Kittredge (DeForest Kelley) save his Circle K Ranch from a known criminal, Red Devers (Norman Willis). The Lone Ranger & Tonto lend a hand to the legion of old timers in this episode. Lane Bradford plays the part of Jake and Sandy Sanders plays the part of Sandy. One of the old-times is played by William Fawcett but is uncredited and another old-timer is played by Hank Patterson and is also uncredited.

Rustler's Hideout October 13, 1949 Episode # 5

Fred (Harry Lauter) and Mary Vance (Kay Morley) want to homestead in the area and start new after Fred was released from prison after being framed by the head of the Pete Madden Gang. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are also in the area, looking for the Madden Gang members. Jim Patrick (Dickie Jones) has been taken as a hostage by the gang because Jim's father, Tom Patrick (Joseph Crehan), has been searching for the gang as well. Fred Vance assists our heroes and risks his life to rescue Jim Patrick and earns the respect and help of Tom Patrick and his friends and neighbors. Fred Kohler, Jr. plays the part of Jake Nolan.

War Horse October 20, 1949 Episode # 6

Black Cloud is Chief Lame Bear's famous war horse and a Wild West Show owner, Barlum (uncredited), gives Matt Madrigo (Leonard Penn) $5,000 to buy Black Cloud from Lame Bear (Chief Yolatchie). Madrigo will be paid $5,000 by Barlum upon the delivery of Black Cloud but Madrigo decides to simply steal the horse and pocket the money meant for Lame Bear. White Eagle (uncredited) is kidnapped by Medrigo and a short time later, Tonto is also kidnapped. The Lone Ranger & Baptiste Lezotte (Jean De Briac), trading post owner, are forced to flee when Lame Bear finds out that his son has been attacked. The Lone Ranger must rescue Colonel Graves (Ed Cassidy) and Lt. Bannister (John Merton) and a third soldier after they are ambushed by Chief Lame Bear and his braves. Bob Cason plays the part of Shorty.

Pete and Pedro October 27, 1949 Episode # 7

Jeff Grant (John Parrish) has found gold on Ellen Carter's (Sheila Ryan) ranch and the Lone Ranger demonstrates his whip skills. Pedro Martinez (Don Diamond) and Pete Lacy (Rufe Davis) are called on by The Lone Ranger to assist Carter. A storage building is set afire and The Lone Ranger & Tonto work together to get everyone safely out. Grant and his men are captured. Bill Lester [lays the part of Bill Morgan and Fred Graham plays the part of Red.

The Renegades November 3, 1949 Episode # 8

In this episode, a gang of Army deserters, headed by Sergeant Bolan (Gene Roth), who is following the orders of a corrupt Indian Agent, Jim Lackey (Harry Harvey), attacks supply trains which are bringing necessary supplies to the Indians on the Washita Reservation. Tonto and the Lone Ranger aid Chief Swift Eagle (Ralph Moody) as Lackey attempts to get Swift Eagle and his braves arrested and endure a forced move to the Florida Everglades by making them appear to be the ones attacking the Army supply trains. Kenneth MacDonald appears as Inspector Williams, Michael Ross appears as Lt. Murray, Wheaton Chambers appears as Father Baptista and Lane Chandler makes an appearance as Flynn.

The Tenderfeet November 10, 1949 Episode # 9

Dick (Rand Brooks) & Bob (Ross Ford) Larrabee make a silver strike in what was thought to be a played-out area. Hardrock Jones (Ray Bennett) murders his pal, Rusty Bates (Hank Worden), in his plan to frame the Larrabee's and steal their silver claim. The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Sheriff Stanton (Monte Blue) arrest the real criminal in this episode.

High Heels November 17, 1949 Episode # 10

Poisoned water holes, disappearing ink and a coming railroad are all an important part of this episode. The Lone Ranger & Tonto arrive to answer a call for help from Dave Engles (Stanley Andrews). John St. Ives (Jerome Sheldon) learns that high heels aren't necessary to be a big man in town. Johnny Berkes plays the part of Tex, Michael Whalen plays the part of Monk Gow, Earle Hodgins plays the part of the storekeeper and Eric Alden is the Henchman.

Six Gun's Legacy November 24, 1949 Episode # 11

Six Gun's Walker's son, Bob Walker (James Hickman), comes to Tuckerville to collect his legacy. A look-a-like, Emmet White (James Hickman) assumes Bob's identity but sharp-eyed Tonto spots the fake and with the Lone Ranger, they save the life of the real Bob Walker and help him to collect his $80,000 inheritance from the banker, Ezra Barr (Hal Price). Dr. Hiram Tucker (Ian Wolfe) has two sidekicks, Curly Williams (Don Haggerty) and Dirk Slade (Jimmy Dundee). * I believe that Dirk is actually called Dan throughout this episode.

The Return of the Convict December 1, 1949 Episode # 12

John Ames (John Kellogg) comes to town to get even with Todd (?) & Clay (John Day) Gunder after they framed him for some stagecoach robberies. The Lone Ranger & Tonto help get the evidence on the Gunder brothers and Sim Sturgis (Robert Emmett Keane) so Sheriff Bill Hoskins (Steve Clark) can arrest them and clear a framed John Ames. George Lloyd plays the part of Stage Driver Joe but the actor playing the part of Todd Gunder is unknown.

Finders Keepers December 8, 1949 Episode # 13

Nat Parker (Arthur Franz) was falsely accused of a crime and spent 4 years in prison and has gotten out and is coming back to Desert City to get revenge. Wade Tanner (Francis McDonald) & Vic Crowley (Keith Richards) ambush The Lone Ranger & Tonto after they mistakenly think that they are hired gunmen of Nat Parker. Nat helps out heroes out but later denies to them that he did help them. Nat is also in Desert City to find the hidden $75,000 from the robbery but Beata (Carol Thurston) has removed the money to try to convince Nat to return it to the rightful owner so that Beata and Nat can get on with their lives. The Lone Ranger uses the money to play a game of Finders- Keepers. Beata's father is King Kelvin (Pedro De Cordova) and David Leonard plays the part of the Padre.

The Masked Rider December 15, 1949 Episode # 14

The Lone Ranger's picture on a wanted poster? Yes, if it helps him & Tonto catch the Dirk Nelson Gang, which is blackmailing Nancy Barton's father. Sheriff Jim Hawks has sent an urgent plea for help from his friend, The Lone Ranger, who has to become the bad Masked Rider to help his pal.

Old Joe's Sister December 22, 1949 Episode # 15

Biff Baker (Lester Sharpe) shoots Joe Peters (Joel Friedkin) and pushes him over a cliff in his attempt to steal Joe's identity and eventually Joe's gold. Abby (Anne O'Neal), Joe's sister, hasn't seen him for over 30 years but she isn't fooled by the imposter. The Lone Ranger & Tonto save the life of old Joe and capture Biff for also killing his partner, Cactus Gleason (Wade Crosby). The role of the sheriff is played by Clancy Cooper.

Cannonball McKay December 29, 1949 Episode # 16

The Wells Fargo Company has been plagued by a string of stagecoach holdups everywhere, except in Boone County where a remarkable woman, Cannonball McKay (Louise Lorimer), holds the stagecoach franchise. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are there to find out why McKay has hired on a recently released convict, Clem Jones (Leonard Strong) as her assistant and to help their friend, U.S. Marshal Jim Handley (Tristram Coffin), solve the robberies. The role of Doc Tate is played by Charles Meredith, the role of Porky is played by Ralph Peters, the role of Hash is played by Fred Murray and the Wells Fargo agent, Collins, is played by Mack Williams.

The Man Who Came Back January 5, 1950 Episode # 17

The Lone Ranger & Tonto visit Joe Crawford (Roy Gordon) but two men say that Joe sold his ranch to Pinto Brown (Bob Carson). Joe made a gold strike and went to assay a sample but was jailed in Silver Gulch because the assayer lied about Joe's involvement in a saloon brawl. Its all a plot to steal Joe's ranch & his gold claim. Joe's daughter, Molly, is played by Martha Hyer and Emmett Lynn plays the part of Tom Peters. The two henchmen for Brown are uncredited but one is Robert J. Wilke and the other henchman is Pierce Lyden who plays the part of Garvin. The marshal of Leesville is Eddie Dunn. The sheriff of Silver Gulch is unidentified.

Outlaw Town January 12, 1950 Episode # 18

Jack Burke (John Eldredge) operates "Outlaw Town" as a safe haven for outlaws who are willing to pay him the right price. Edith Burke (Greta Granstedt) tried to help Jim Andrews (Gene Reynolds) get out of town and become a law-abiding man so he can marry his girl. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are in the area to help clean out Outlaw Town with the Lone Ranger pretending to be an outlaw himself. The Lone Ranger plots to capture Burke at a place called Flat Rock Pass but Burke finds out about the trap and decides to rob the Wells Fargo Express office in Watkinsville and Mrs. Burke has to accompany her husband there but leaves the Lone Ranger a clue as to where they are going to go. Marshall Bradford plays the part of Sheriff Wayne.

Greed for Gold January 19, 1950 Episode # 19

The Lady Luck gold mine has been left to Sally Weatherby (Margaret Field) by her dead father but Jeff Barnes (Kenne Duncan) wants the mine and has robbed stages and killed in his attempt to get the mine. Dusty Duncan (Tudor Owen) teams up with the Lone Ranger & Tonto to help bring Barnes, Pete (Duke York) and Slick (Lane Bradford) to justice. Kermit Maynard plays the part of Sheriff Gilbert.

Man of the House January 26, 1950 Episode # 20

Casper Dingle (Stanley Farrar) is a hen-pecked husband whose wife Maud (Esther Somers) runs all over Casper. Rustlers steal the Dingle's cattle and Casper teams up with the Lone Ranger & Tonto to recover his cattle and show Maud that he is a man. Scout helps out Tonto and Casper identifies the Lone Ranger & Tonto to Maud as: "They're only the two greatest men in the West, Tonto and the Lone Ranger." Dick Curtis plays the part of Spike Wade, Lane Chandler plays the part of Tex, William Tannen is Curly and John McGuire plays the part of Len.

Barnaby Boggs, Esquire February 2, 1950 Episode # 21

Medicine man, Barnaby Boggs (Hal Price), is the only person who can identify criminal Red Kruger (Bill Kennedy). Boggs is headed to town at the request of the Lone Ranger but he is scared off and later beaten up when he does make it to town. Ace (Bob Kellard), Jeb (Gene Roth) and Curly (Holly Bane) capture Boggs & Tonto under orders from Red Kruger, but are rescued by an alert Lone Ranger. Sheriff Nabors (Nelson Leigh) arrests Red Kruger and his 3 henchmen.

Sheep Thieves February 9, 1950 Episode # 22

The Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), switches identities with Carlos Medrano (Jimmy Ogg) and ends up being kidnapped by men trying to steal Jose Medrano's (Pedro de Cordova) ranch. Dan sends smoke signals to alert the Lone Ranger & Tonto. Russ Conway plays the part of Jack Brandon, Harry Cording plays the part of Frank Lucas and John Day plays the part of Rick. Almira Sessions is in the uncredited role of Maria, housekeeper-cook for Jose Medrano.

Jim Tyler's Past February 16, 1950 Episode # 23

Blackie Kane (House Peters, Jr.) is being hunted by The Lone Ranger & Tonto in the area of Muldoon. A brown paper cigarette leads The Lone Ranger to confront Deputy Jim Tyler (Rand Brooks) about his association with Blackie. Tyler is given the chance to redeem himself and to clear his name and keep his job. Ray Bennett plays the part of the sheriff named Hank and Peter Mamakos plays the part of Luke Barrett.

The Man with Two Faces February 23, 1950 Episode # 24

A mysterious one-eyed bandit has struck three banks, all owned by the same man, Joshua Blaine (Stanley Andrews). This leads the Lone Ranger to believe that someone close to Blaine is feeding information to the bandit. Blaine's two nephews, Fred Bowden (Chris Drake) and Bob Lacey (Steven Clark), are being groomed by Blaine to one day take over his banking enterprise. Fred is working with the bandit and tries to pin the blame on his cousin, Bob. The one-eyed bandit is actually Professor Hannibal Lee (Earl Hodgins), who operates a travelling magic show. At one point, the Lone Ranger & Tonto are locked in a bank vault with Blaine before they are rescued by Bob Lacey. Mira McKinney plays the part of Jessie Lee, wife of Prof. Hannibal Lee.

Buried Treasure March 2, 1950 Episode # 25

Flint Foster (William Challee) escapes from prison and kills a guard (Bob Kellard) in the escape. He heads towards his brother's ranch. Roy (David Bruce) & Edith (Gail Davis) Foster are about to make their last ranch payment with $1,000 in gold which Roy received in the sale of some cattle. Edith bakes the gold coins in a cake in order to hide them. Flint shows up and forces Roy & Edith to cover for him and he also discovers the gold coins. The Lone Ranger sees Flint's reflection in a mirror, hiding & holding a gun on Edith & Roy. The Lone Ranger uses the mirror later, to aid himself in capturing Flint and to prevent injury or death to Roy and Edith. Sheriff Barnes (William Gould) gets a piece of the new cake and tells them the name of the masked man.

Troubled Waters March 9, 1950 Episode # 26

Emmy Bryson (Eula Morgan) is a restaurant owner and is considered a wonderful person by everyone who knows her. Unfortunately, Emmy found out that a ranch she sold to Dave Tucker (Harry Lauter) has an oil deposit on it and she wants it back before Dave can make his final payment. Emmy murders banker Rufe Barton (Byron Foulger), after he assures the Lone Ranger that he will give Dave a badly needed loan to save his ranch. Emmy's hired thug, Jed (Dick Alexander), does some of Emmy's nasty work for her but Emmy is the killer. Emmy gets Jed mad and he confesses the evil doings of himself and Emmy Bryson. The sheriff is played by Luther Crockett.

Gold Train March 16, 1950 Episode # 27

The Dude (Frank Fenton) has a gang of 3 men and after he has the Overland Stage held up and the driver and Overland Vice President Sam Martin killed, the Dude assumes the role of Martin in a plot to steal $100,000 from the stage company in Running Creek. The Lone Ranger & Tonto find the wounded stage driver who tells them of the plot by the Dude. Sheriff Buck McCall (DeForest Kelley) jails the Lone Ranger after the Dude accuses our masked friend of being the Dude. Horace "Horseface" Jackson (Billy Bletcher), a horse-lover, assists the Lone Ranger and Tonto in the ultimate capture of the Dude. The Lone Ranger tells the sheriff to give the $5,000 reward for the capture of the Dude, to Mr. Jackson, so he can buy the horse that he has always wanted. John Cason plays the part of Rawhide, Erville Alderson plays the part of Judkins, Bob Kellard plays the part of Hank, Bob Woodward plays the part of Bart and Hank Patterson plays the part of Calico.

Pay Dirt March 23, 1950 Episode # 28

Ed Dudley (Emmett Lynn) & Dick McHenry (Martin Milner) finally make a gold strike in the "Unfriendly Mountains" but gamblers Zack Carter (Zon Murray) & Sam Hovey (George Lewis) want to steal the claim. They attack Dick and try to enlist the aid of the local land agent, Charley Wafford (George Lynn), in their scheme to get the claim. The Lone Ranger & Tonto team up with old Ed Dudley & Dick's father, Tom McHenry, (Walter Sande) in order to preserve the claim for Ed & Dick. Ed is familiar with the Lone Ranger and is convinced of their identity when the Lone Ranger shows Ed a silver bullet. A shoot-out and a fist fight ends the ambitions of Zack Carter and the safe return of Dick to his father's ranch.

Billie the Great March 30, 1950 Episode # 29

The Lone Ranger & Tonto capture one of three bandits involved in an attempted holdup of an express company wagon in which express agent Ben Jason (Bob Woodward) was killed. The other two, Sam Kirk (James Flavin) & Lew Slade (Ward Blackburn), meet in Clarksville where Sam plots to rob the local barber as the safe in the shop holds the townspeople's money. Sam hadn't figured on tangling with Billie Bannon (Minerva Urecal) who is as good with a gun as she is with a pair of scissors. Even the Lone Ranger has to do some fast talking when Billie mistakes our masked man, disguised as a rugged old Indian scout, as a bandit trying to get to her safe. The Lone Ranger, Tonto and Billie team up to capture these last two outlaws. Matt McHugh plays the part of Joe Benson, Steve Clark is Rufe Watson and George Meader plays the part of Hank.

Never Say Die April 6, 1950 Episode # 30

That nasty Butch Cavendish (Glenn Strange) grabs prison Warden Sears' son, Johnny Sears (David Holt), as a hostage in order to break out of prison. Butch gives the warden a few days to release his other men and the Lone Ranger & Tonto come to the aid of Warden Sears (Joseph Crehan). Tonto searches the various hideouts used by Butch in the past. The Lone Ranger follows a released outlaw Matt Dooley (Ray Teal) to Butch's hideout but Dooley spots him. Dooley tricks a couple of ladies into helping him trap the masked man. The ladies, Effie Newton (Cecil Spooner) and Essie Newton (Marjorie Eaton) reverse their aid, to the side of the Lone Ranger and between the three of them, they use an early form of the lie detector to learn from Dooley, which hideout he was to meet Butch. Butch sets up booby traps on the doors to his cabin but one of the traps ultimately is the undoing of Butch and sends him back to prison. Lee Phelps plays the part of the prison guard, Hanley. The man at the roadblock is uncredited.

Gold Fever April 13, 1950 Episode # 31

Ox Martin (John Doucette) and his gang rob a stage but all Ox wants is a letter sent by Sam Dingle (Francis Ford) to the land office. Sam is registering a claim on a gold strike and Ox wants it. The Lone Ranger & Tonto assist Sam and use the abandoned and postmarked envelope to track down Sam and to get the claim filed before one of Ox's henchmen, Pinky Nugent (Leonard Strang), get's it filed first. Sam's daughter, Peggy Dingle (Elaine Riley), unwittingly leads Ox to the claim and Ox threatens to blow Peggy, Sam & Tonto up in his attempt to uncover the gold vein. The Lone Ranger arrives in time to win a fight with Ox and pull the fuse out of the blasting powder. Pinky & Ox learn that the postmark on the envelope is enough proof to establish Sam Dingle as the legal claim holder of the gold mine. The sheriff tells Peggy the name of the masked man at the end of this episode. John A. Butler plays the part of the Claim Agent, Harold Goodwin is the Sheriff and George Lloyd is credited as the Driver.

Death Trap April 20, 1950 Episode # 32

The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Marshall Yates (Lee Shumway) when he loses a 4th deputy while he is escorting a prisoner to Abilene, just like the other 3 deputies were doing when they disappeared. Jimmy Parker (Steven Clark) becomes a deputy, as his father, Joe Parker (Kenne Duncan), was the last deputy to disappear. Jimmy pretends to escort his prisoner, Tonto, in a plan to trap Rex Craig (James Griffith). Craig figures out he is being set up and plots with Knife Norton (Jeff York) & Uncle Taffy (Lucien Littlefield) to get rid of the masked man, Tonto and Jimmy by dumping them down a trap door in Uncle Taffy's cabin. Uncle Taffy meets his final and fitting fate while trying to knock Tonto over the head with a log.

Matter of Courage April 27, 1950 Episode # 33

The Lone Ranger & Tonto are searching for Dimple Henshaw (Don Haggerty) & Soapy Farrell (Dick Curtiss) and they work out a plan with Sheriff Jim Wayland (Eddie Cobb) to capture them. Deputy Sheriff Bud Titus (James Arness) is dreaming of becoming rich and resigns at one point so he can capture Dimple & Soapy for the reward. Most of the show takes place in Tony's barbershop. Tony (Juan Duvall) ends up with the reward money and Bud takes back his job as deputy. Raymond Largay plays the part of the banker, Martin Simpson. The Lone Ranger is disguised as an old-timer in part of this episode.

Rifles and Renegades May 4, 1950 Episode # 34

The Lone Ranger and Tonto save the lives of Lieut. "Skip" Haines (Robert Kent), Sgt. Murphy (Frank Marlowe) and Pvt. Johnson (Bill Ward). Major L. R. Pollard (Gene Roth) is in charge at Fort Maddox and he is a crook who has been selling Army rifles to Gray Hawk (Robert Bice) with the help of storekeeper Asa Jones (I. Stanford Jolley). This is John Hart's first appearance on the Lone Ranger and he plays the part of a Sergeant, the guard who places Lieut. Haines in the guardhouse. Russ Conklin plays the part of an Indian Brave at Chief Gray Hawk's camp.

Bullets for Ballots May 11, 1950 Episode # 35

Mayor Leander Knox (Frank Jaquet) is running for re-election in Waynesville against Robert McQueen (Craig Stevens). The Lone Ranger and Tonto rescue a kidnapped McQueen who wins the election in a landslide victory after Knox is exposed. Banker Jed Wesson (Frederic Tozere) and his two henchmen, Frank Farrow (Ward Blackburn) and Pike Lane (Holly Bane) use fake evidence in order to place blame on McQueen. Marjorie Lord plays the part of Kitty McQueen, John Alvin (Scotty Dixon) is the newspaper owner and Phil Tead plays the part of Peters.

The Black Hat May 18, 1950 Episode # 36

A refinery in Medicine Bend is attacked by Rocky Carson (John Eldredge) and three henchmen, who steal 200 pounds of gold and kill two guards in the process. A friend of Tonto's is murdered by Beasely (Jeff York), one of the henchmen. Rocky is carrying the gold in a coffin while pretending to be a preacher taking his dead wife back East for burial. The Lone Ranger enlists the aid of Doc John Smithers (George Pembroke) to examine the coffin but the doc instead joins the outlaws and suggests they add the gold from the Express Office to the coffin. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are locked in a closet at one point from which the escape and capture the outlaws after they attacked Sheriff Healy (William Ruhl) and forced the express agent, Frank (uncredited), to open the safe. One of the other henchmen was named Flint (Ed Hinton) and the third henchman was never identified and was also uncredited. Tonto's murdered friend was also not identified.

Devil's Pass May 25, 1950 Episode # 37

Red Randall (John Bannon) uses a look-a-like, Lefty Hayes (Jimmy Lloyd) with red-dyed hair, to help him pull off a robbery of $100,00 in cash from an express office messenger. The money is then hidden in Devil's Pass. Tonto goes to jail to help get the goods on Red but Tonto is recognized by another outlaw, Beef Carson (Gene Evans). Sheriff Brice (Marshall Bradford) goes along with the plot which involves the use of blanks. The stolen loot is recovered and Red and Beef are again in jail.

Spanish Gold June 1, 1950 Episode # 38

Tug Spencer (Steve Clark) is an innocent man about to be hung. Before his execution, Tug asks Danny Yorke (Ross Ford) to take his bird & birdcage to his daughter Nora. While cleaning the cage, Nora finds a letter from Tug, telling her and Danny about Spanish gold in a hidden room below his cell. Danny and Nora Spencer (Gail Davis), go to the prison to find the gold and to prove Tug's innocence. The Lone Ranger and Tonto help them prove that Tug was indeed innocent and capture the two men who are really the murderers, lawyer James P. Hague (Bruce Hamilton) and Deputy Gil Jackson (Kenneth Jackson).

Damsels in Distress June 8, 1950 Episode # 39

A foreign agent, Baron Paul Von Baden (John Banner), attempts to steal the plans for a new gun from the inventer, Sam Dexter (Phil Tead), and ends up shooting him. Sam's daughters, Peg Dexter (Peggy McIntire) and Bonnie Dexter (Gloria Winters) along with Miss Prynne (Phyllis Kennedy) have his plans and Von Baden attempts to get the plans from them. Von Baden's partner in this plot is Jeff Garth (Tom Tyler). The Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old Civil War veteran in this episode. Also appearing in this episode is Lee Tung Foo in the role of Wong.

Man without a Gun June 15, 1950 Episode # 40

Chief Red Hawk (Ralph Moody) and his tribe are falsely accused of conducting raids. Tom Gorham (James Harrison) has discovered gold on Red Hawk's land and Gorham wants the government to move them out and open it up to settlers, including Gorham. Dick Jones guest stars as Jim Douglas, House Peters, Jr. plays the part of Slack, Eddie Dunn plays the part of Henry Douglas and Bob Kellard plays the part of the sheriff.

Pardon for Curly June 22, 1950 Episode # 41

Curly Bates (Douglas Kennedy), a notorious outlaw, has obtained a pardon from the governor and has even been made the sheriff of Brownsburg. Tonto is framed for the murder of Sam Farnol (Stephen Chase) and Belle Farnol (Marion Martin) goes after the Lone Ranger with an umbrella sword. The mayor (Harry Harvey) ends up inside a roll top desk. Paul Hogan appears in the role of Slim, John Cliff has the role of Ed Tonopah and Dick Alexander has the role of Hogjaw Mullins.

Eye for an Eye June 29, 1950 Episode # 42

Clay Durfee (David McMahon) loses his appeal to the governor, so his brother, Stark (I. Stanford Jolley), plots to kidnap the governor's daughter, Ruth Standish (Sue England), to force Clay's release from prison. Ruth and her aunt, Adelaide Standish (Dorothy Neumann), "pull the rug out from under" Stark to assist the Lone Ranger. Johnny Day plays the part of henchman Blue Wilson, John Cason plays the part of henchman Tug Kennedy, Chris Pin Martin plays the part of Jose Morenga and Steve Clark plays the part of the prison warden.

Outlaw of the Plains July 6, 1950 Episode # 43

A crooked Sheriff Lem Shattuck (Jack Lee) has been rustling cattle from local ranches during a drought. Tonto explains the meaning of Kemo Sabe in this episode. Tonto tries to get the dishonest sheriff to Sam & Clem's cabin, but he would rather make paper cutouts. Jay Morely plays the part of Clem, Bernie Marcus plays the part of Sam, Stan Blystone plays the part of Ray, Ed Cassidy plays the part of George, Bert Arnold plays the part of Joe and Steve Dunhill plays the part of Bill.

White Man's Magic July 13, 1950 Episode #44

Crook Ira Boles (Bill Kennedy) has a plot going to get the Indians of Chief White Eagle's tribe upset enough to break the peace treaty. The Lone Ranger & Tonto discover a cache of hidden rifles and ammunition buried on the reservation. Boles wants to get the reservation land for the Empire Land Company. Boles has Sergeant Pala (Lane Bradford) of the Indian Police as part of his team and Pala has already killed Standing Tree (Bill Ward). Pala eventually poisons Chief White Eagle (Ralph Moody) and tries to convince the tribe that a white woman and portrait painter, Toni Carver (Jane Frazee), had stolen the chief's spirit because she had been painting his portrait. The Lone Ranger uses some "magic" to make it appear that he and Tonto cannot be harmed by the rifles of the Indians at the close of this episode. Red Moon is played by Charles Stevens and Pierre Watkins plays the part of Colonel Stacy.

Trouble for Tonto July 20, 1950 Episode # 45

Tonto poses as Black Eagle in a plot in which a banker's son, Terry Baxter (Robert Arthur), has been kidnapped by Buck Fargo (Gene Roth) and his gang. Buck's plan is to force Terry's father, Wayne Baxter (Lyle Talbot), to allow his banks to be robbed or Terry would be killed. Wayne's assistant, Thad Kendall (Bryan Foulger), is also in on the robbery plot. Terry's brother, Glenn (Bill Ward), pretends to be the Lone Ranger and Buck "unmasks" Glenn, thinking he has captured the real Lone Ranger. Finch Curston (Jimmy Dundee), also a gang member also unmasks who he thinks is the Lone Ranger, only to have the real Lone Ranger appear behind them. After a brief tussle, Buck & Finch and a bit later, the rest of the gang, including Kendall are on their way to jail. The part of Black Eagle is played by Russ Conklin.

Sheriff of Gunstock July 27, 1950 Episode # 46

Rocky Hanford (John Doucette) is running a protection racket and is controlling most of the merchants including Mrs. Sarah Miggs (Mira McKinney). Rocky has Jack Bennett (Tom Irish) kidnapped to put the pressure on Sheriff Jim Bennett (Walter Sande), to leave Hanford alone. The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive and the Lone Ranger dons the disguise of an "Old Timer" to help figure out that the sheriff is being coerced. Sarah Miggs has had enough and vows to stand up for her rights and assists our two heroes in bringing Hanford to justice. John Hart plays the part of Duke, one of Hanford's henchmen in this episode. William Vincetn plats the part of Rod Turner and Jack Kenney plays the part of Grizzley.

The Wrong Man August 3, 1950 Episode # 47

John Meredith (Richard Crane) is falsely accused of murder of Judge Scoville and is arrested by Sheriff Barnes (Paul Maxey) and placed in jail. Jess Latham's son, Ted (Glen Vernon), has actually murdered the judge when he rejected Ted as a suitor for his daughter Alicia Scoville (Nan Leslie). JessLatham (Don Beddoe) tries to protect his son by trying to get a mob to lynch Meredith before he can get a fair trial and before the truth comes out. Tonto is knocked out by Jess as he tries to get to Booneville to bring back a judge. Sheriff Barnes tells a small boy outside of the jail, that the masked man was the Lone Ranger. Almira Sessions plays the part of Letty, Ted Adams plays the part of Burbridge and the role of Carter is played by Walter Shumway.

The Beeler Gang August 10, 1950 Episode # 48

The Beeler Gang, lead by Stan Beeler (Hugh Prosser), has kidnapped sheriff Bert Lawson's son, Tommy (B. G. Norman), in order to force the sheriff to quit his job and to pay Beeler $10,000. The Lone Ranger & Tonto see Sheriff Lawson (Robert Rockwell) pick up the ransom note left in Tommy's slipper. The Lone Ranger & Tonto know the sheriff''s wife, Laura (Beverly Campbell), as they had helped out her Uncle Jim, when he was the sheriff. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as a doctor who is friendly with outlaws and is eventually taken to the hideout by Joe Ward (William Haade) where Tommy is being held and he is ill. The Lone Ranger sneaks Tommy out of the cabin through a window and they are chased by the Beeler Gang. Tonto arrives at the shoot-out and all members of the gang are captured. George Slocum plays the part of Lefty and the 4th member of the Beeler Gang, Pete, is uncredited.

The Star Witness August 17, 1950 Episode # 49

As The Lone Ranger & Tonto approach Mineral Wells, young Johnnie Williams (Michael Chapin) witnesses two men, Dave Beutel (Ray Bennett) & Nat Gorman (Gene Evans) murder Pete Bailey (William H. Vedder) after Pete discovers gold on Sam Williams property. The Lone Ranger & Tonto set up a plot to capture the two murderers by enlisting the aid of their friend, Sheriff Jim Hollister (Charles Watts) and eventually Beutel & Gorman are captured at the Williams home with some assistance from Johnnie's Grandma (Sarah Padden). Sam Williams is played by Henry Rowland and Deputy Bud James is played by Clarence Straight.

The Black Widow August 24, 1950 Episode # 50

Silky Carter (John Alvin) has been released from prison and the Lone Ranger Tonto believe that he will head for Thunder Mountain to recover the stolen loot. Doc Hagen (George Pembroke) and his two henchmen, Crane (Holly Bane) and Mat (Peter Mamakos) try to kidnap Silky to force him to tell them where the loot is at but Silky is disguised as woman and Crane & Mat mistakenly wound and kidnap a U.S. Deputy Marshall, Vic Mason (Michael Whalen), and let Silky go. Pedro (Tony Roux) is the agent at the way station and Lane Chandler is the sheriff in this episode. Silky even assumes the identity of the deputy marshall in an attempt to fool the Lone Ranger and lead him into a trap, after the Ranger becomes aware that Silky isn't a woman.

The Whimsical Bandit August 31, 1950 Episode # 51

Juan Bronco (Nestor Paiva) is a stagecoach robber who holds up a stage and gets away with $7,000 in gold. A gold serpent ring that Juan gives to Maude Carver (Sheila Ryan) leads to the downfall of Juan Bronco by the Lone Ranger and Tonto and with help from Dan Reid (Chuck Courtney), the Lone Ranger's nephew. Bronco's henchmen are Blacky (Norman Willis) and Ralph (John Cliff) along with his other two henchmen, Spade and Miley, who are uncredited. The sheriff is played by William Ruhl.

Double Jeopardy September 7, 1950 Episode # 52

Clyde Henshaw (Rick Roman) is in jail for suspicion of murder and his mother, Ma Hinshaw (Marin Sais) and two brothers, Rufe (Riley Hill) and Ira (Brad Slaven) are determined to get Clayde free. Ma and her sons kidnap the judge's daughter, Molly (Christine Larson). Ma Henshaw plots to have the trial go on but force the judge, Henry Brady (James Kirkwood), to change his testimony which will acquit Clyde, so he can't be tried again for his crimes because of the double jeopardy rule. Ed Simpson is played by Douglas Wood and the sheriff is played by Jack Ingram.

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