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Televison Episode Guide

SEASON 2 (1950 - 1951)
(Episodes 53 through 78)

Lone Ranger - Clayton Moore
Tonto - Jay Silverheels

Million Dollar Wallpaper September 14, 1950 Episode # 53

Mosshorn (Emmett Lynn) has the wall of his cabin plastered with what he thinks are worthless stock certificates. Three crooks, Silk (Paul Fix), Moose (Kim Spalding) and Matt (Duke York) discover gold in the old mine and plot to obtain a majority ownership in the mine with Mosshorn's stock. Flapjack (Lucien Littlefield) is arrested for murdering Mosshorn by the sheriff (Eddie Cobb) before the sheriff realizes that Mosshorn is still alive. The Lone Ranger uses one of his Colt 45's as a wrench to help him and Mosshorn escape.

Mission Bells September 21, 1950 Episode # 54

Stephen Dunn (Tristram Coffin), a local crook, learns that the bells of the Santa Maria Mission are actually cast out of Spanish gold and he plots to steal the bells. Before Dunn completes his plan, he is murdered and a crooked, acting sheriff Mason (Lee Roberts), tries to finish the theft with help from Gus (Hal Fieberling) and Strap (James Griffith). The role of Padre Felipe is played by Walter Sande and Maria is played by Rosa Turich.

Dead Man's Chest September 28, 1950 Episode # 55

Hamlet Jones (William Vedder) likes to quote Shakspeare and has a burro with a wooden chest strapped to it. Hank Wheeler (Stephen Chase) mistakenly believes that the chest contains gold. The chest actually holds books, including a rare 1st edition copy of Shakespeare. Wheeler's two henchmen, Jud Ellis (Myron Healy) and Clem Hart (Frank Sully) are unaware of who their boss really is and murder Jones. The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Jones complete his most important wish. Deputy Sheriff Jim Brice is played by Harry Lauter, Ray Montgomery plays the part of the newspaperman, Ed Carson, Natividad Vacio plays the part of Jose Gonzales and the stage driver is played by George Lloyd.

Outlaw's Revenge October 5, 1950 Episode # 56

Pete Carson (Richard Bailey) is hung for murder but his gang does their best to avenge his death. Trigger Taylor/Calvin Blair (Larry Blake) has one of his men, Hammer (Bill Haade), pull a bank robbery, dressed as the Lone Ranger. The plan is to draw the Lone Ranger to town and frame him for the robbery. The sheriff is played by Kenneth MacDonald, Bill Ames is played by Steven Clark, Sagebrush is played by Larry Johns and Deputy Jim is played by Richard Beach. The bank messanger is named Willie but is uncredited and the second deputy is named Hank but he is also uncredited.

Danger Ahead October 12, 1950 Episode # 57

A ventriloquist, Sidney Boswell (Max Terhune), is an eye-witness to the murder of Sheriff Roberts in Kingston but is scared and runs off. The Lone Ranger convinces Boswell to do the right thing and return. A cup of hot coffee helps the Lone Ranger & Tonto get crooked Deputy Rock Craig (Don Haggerty) arrested. William E. Green plays the part of Judge Jordan, Hatch is played by Jack Briggs and the part of Al is played by Mike Ragan.

Crime in Time October 19, 1950 Episode # 58

A carriage, driven by Feeny McArdle (John A. Butler), is rigged with a hidden gun. Feeny hires a robber, Lige Watkins (Lane Bradford), to help him pull off a counterfeiting plot in the bank at Black Moccasin after Feeny kills Lige's brother, Dave Watkin (Fred Libby). The Lone Ranger and Tonto have their work cut out for them in this unusual episode. Monte Blue plays the part of the sheriff.

Drink of Water October 26, 1950 Episode # 59

Phineas Stacy (Bill Kennedy), a self-proclaimed rain maker, promises relief to the Greenville area if local ranchers can come up with the $5,000 fee. Stacy plans on stealing the money during the commotion. A young boy, Jackie Blasdell (Arthur Stone), is the lucky receipient of a Lone Ranger silver bullet. Jim Blasdell (Gregg Barton) and his wife, Mary Blasdell (Linda Johnson) want to use their savings to take Jackie to a doctor to straighten his leg but give the money to help the town pay the rainmaker. Stanley Andrews plays the part of Ed Range, Harlan Briggs plays the part of Ezra Dudley, Mickey Simpson plays the part of Pete and Mirchell Kowal plays the part of Mack.

Thieves' Money November 2, 1950 Episode # 60

A U.S. Treasury agent, Jim Collins (David MacMahon), is murdered by a counterfeiter, Pierre Dumont (John Doucette). Dumont assumes the identity of Collins but the smell of his cologne allows the Lone Ranger & Tonto to bring Dumont and his two henchmen, Burt (Ward Blackburn) and Al (Jack Briggs) to justice. The part of Sheriff Andrews is played by Charles Watts.

The Squire November 9, 1950 Episode # 61

Squire Turnbull (George Lynn) is the leader of a gang of bank robbers. A witness to the latest robbery, Amos Carter (Hugh Prosser), and his daughter Jane (Margaret Kerry), are being pursued by the gang. The squire's henchmen are Cliff mistakenly named as Gimp in the ending credits (John Cliff), Jake (Steve Dunhill), Cal (Alex Sharpe) and Fred (Bob Wilke). The Lone Ranger & Tonto help the Carters and bring the Squire to justice. Jane is the lucky receipient of a silver bullet from the Lone Ranger at the end of this episode.

Masked Deputy November 16, 1950 Episode # 62

The less-than-effective Sheriff Higgens (Eddie Cobb) in Lakeview is scared of a local crook, Will Bradley (Stuart Randall). Newspaper owners, Tom (Dave Willock) & Mary (Carol Thurston) Turner are also being bullied by Bradley. The Lone Ranger & Tonto help show Higgins that he is capable of doing his job and Tom becomes Higgins new deputy. Peter Mamakos (misspelled Mamakas in the credits) plays the part of Pete, Gregg Rogers plays the part of Matt and Bert Arnold plays the part of Hank. Lane Chandler plays the part of Mr. Jason but is miscredited in the closing credits as Lane Arnold.

Banker's Choice November 23, 1950 Episode # 63

Henry MacFarland (Commander Murray) is a banker who is being blackmailed by three men, Steve Lasher (David Bruce), Joe Kean (John Merton) and Lefty (Mickey Simpson). The three outlaws have convinced Henry that his son, Andrew, has stolen money from the bank but it was Henry's cousin, Steve Lasher, who stole the money and made it appear that Andrew had done it. The Lone Ranger & Tonto assist Henry in getting the three outlaws brought to justice. Henry's wife, Mary MacFarland, is played by Phyliss Morris. The sheriff is played by Jack Mower and the stage driver is Bud Osborne.

Desert Adventure November 30, 1950 Episode # 64

The Yuma Kid (House Peters Jr.) and Cheyenne (Charles Horvath) rob the bank in Cloverdale and head for Indian Forks to meet up with 2 other gang members, Joe (Lane Bradford) & Cleet (Bob Cason) who have extra water. Yuma first blows up an important water hole at Buzzard Bath to delay the posse following them. The Lone Ranger & Tonto also pursue the bandits and the Ranger must disguise himself as an old prospector. Yuma allows Tonto and the old prospector to go to Indian Fork with them after falling for a ruse of a gold claim given to them by the Lone Ranger. Sheriff Daley is played by Lee Shumway and one of his two deputies is Sam (Kermit Maynard) and the second deputy is not named and the actor is uncredited.

Bad Medicine December 7, 1950 Episode # 65

The Bolton brothers, Clint (Dick Curtis) and Glenn (Hal Fieberling), rob the Citizens Bank in Sweet Grass of $25,000 and one cashier is killed and a second is wounded. Hoping to outwit Sheriff Collins (Bob Carson), Clint doubles back to the only doctor in the area, at Sweet Grass. Doctor Clayton Andrews (Harry Harvey) and his wife, Lucy (Greta Grandstedt) are forced to treat Glenn under threats of harm to Lucy if they don't treat him. The Lone Ranger & Tonto wind up in Sweet Grass to check out the doctor's office. The Ranger is certain the Bolton's are in the doc's office and he disguises him as Luigi Caponi in order to get inside the doctor's house. After a ruse, the Lone Ranger gets the drop on Clint and Glenn but is nearly done in when Glenn attempts to throw an object at him. The Ranger fires one shot at Glenn and engages in a brief fight with Clint before both outlaws are in custody. The part of Jim is played by Bob Kellard, the part of Dave is played by Sandy Sanders and the the bank official is played by James Guilfoyle.

One Jump Ahead December 14, 1950 Episode # 66

Two con men, Rick Sanders (Robert Rockwell) and a Mr. Applegate (John Eldredge), con Mrs. Whitcomb (Dorothy Vaughn) out of $2,000 and are searching out other victims too. The Lone Ranger and Tonto have been looking for Applegate for bank robberies but he has switched to a con game to make his money. Richard Crane plays the part of Tom Whitcomb and Nolan Leary plays the part of the Postmaster.

Lady Killer December 21, 1950 Episode # 67

Lela Anson (Nan Leslie) and her two partners in crime, Seth (I. Stanford Jolley) & Jake (Robert Kent), commit murder and robbery without hesitation in the Placcidville area. Sheriff John Markum (Ray Montgomery)) must be convinced by the Lone Ranger and Tonto of Lela's criminal actions. Fred Libby plays the part of Trig Davis, Russell Trent is the stage driver and Billy Vincent plays the part of Hank.

Paid in Full December 28, 1950 Episode # 68

Bert Dillon (Larry Blake) will even stoop to attempted murder and robbery to get Jim Craig's (Harry Lauter) ranch because of a valuable mineral deposit. The Lone Ranger & Tonto discover the Borax deposit on Craig's ranch and set up a trap for Dillon. Johnny Day plays the part of Matt, Wanda McKay plays the part of Sue Craig, Emmett Lynn plays the part of Hank and Charles Watts plays the part of the sheriff.

Letter of the Law January 4, 1951 Episode # 69

Sam Slater (Robin Short) escapes from prison and forces Jeff Niles (Warren Douglas) into hiding him from Sheriff Harper (Monte Blue), Jeff's father-in-law. The Lone Ranger helps capture Slater and assists Jeff in clearing his name from an earlier crime. Noel Neill plays the part of Molly Niles, Douglas Wood plays the part of Cyrus Wilson, John Halloran plays the part of Tom and Ed Hinton plays the part of Bob Shay.

The Silent Voice January 11, 1951 Episode # 70

Cleve Ritchie (Ross Ford) has found the Barcelona Treasure of gold & jewels. A phony doctor, Jeff Payton (John Morgan), plots to get the map that Cleve has drawn of the treasure site. Cleve's grandmother is unable to speak or move because of a stroke but is still able to assist the Lone Ranger & Tonto in bringing the three criminals to justice for murder and robbery. Hal Fieberling plays the part of Bert Devlin, Mike Regan plays the part of Chad Hacker and Christine Larson plays the part of Stella Watson.

The Outcast January 18, 1951 Episode # 71

Rufus Fillmore (Stephen Chase) owns an express office and with the help of Gat Towson (Lane Bradford), Muggs (Mickey Simpson) and Phil (Fred Libby), he has been robbing stagecoaches in an effort to get a monopoly on the express business. Texas Ranger Randy Tyler (Robert Rockwell) goes undercover to become a part of the gang, find out who the leader is and bring the gang to justice. The Lone Ranger and Tonto lend a hand and aid in the capture of the entire ganag. Captain H. M. Prescott is played by Pierre Watkin, Lt. Grayson is played by Denver Pyle and the part of the sheriff is played by Eddie Cobb.

Backtrail January 25, 1951 Episode # 72

Express agent, Walter Mason (Herbert Lytton) has a crime wave operating in which his men, Bart (Robert Bice) and Ed (Kim Spalding) rob the stagecoaches. The blame is placed on the Paiute Indians with Bart & Ed masquerading as Indians. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are in area when Tonto discovers that the robbers are riding shod horses, which the Paiutes do not do. The Lone Ranger is nearly ambushed by Bart & Ed on orders from Mason. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as Ole, the Swede, in his plan to get the robbers to indentify who the robbers are to him. Jim Blake is played by Riley Hill, the sheriff is played by Rex Lease and Pete, the stage driver is played by Bud Osborne.

Behind the Law February 1, 1951 Episode # 73

Big Jim Folsom (Gene Roth) and his gang of outlaws terrorize the county and The Lone Ranger & Tonto meet with Sheriff John Maloney (Bob Carson). Folsom's gang lives in San Carlo County where they behave themselves and Sheriff Charles Gray (Marshall Bradford) doesn't bother them and he doesn't assist fellow Sheriff Maloney either. The Lone Ranger works with Trader Mike (James Guilfoyle) and the banker, Jim Wortham (George Chesebro) in a plan to cause Sheriff Gray to get off the fence and go after Folsom. Scar is played by Ward Blackburn, Link is played by Gene Evans and Sam, the deputy, is played by Clarence Straight.

Trouble at Black Rock February 8, 1951 Episode # 74

A prospector, Fred Neely (Emmett Lynn) discovers stolen gold coins in the Black Rock Mine after being severely injured in a dynamite blast. Tonto rescues him and takes him home. The McCarty gang of outlaws have escaped from prison and McCarty (George Lewis) is leading his two partners, Slim (John Alvin) and Walker (Michael Ansara) to the mine to collect the stolen loot. The McCarty gang ambushes the doctor from Three Pines and McCarty assumes the role of the doctor and he "treats" Fred. The Lone Ranger realizes, from the terrible job of bandaging, that the dcotor was a fake. The Lone Ranger & Tonto set a plan in motion to lure McCarty and his gang to the Black Rock Mine and reduce the risk to the townspeople and to Fred Neely and his daughter, Ella (Wanda McKay). Tonto is wounded by Ella and has a pitchfork thrown at him by the houskeeper, Mrs. Tush (Constance Purdy) before he escapes and helps the Lone Ranger capture the McCarty Gang.

Two Gold Lockets February 15, 1951 Episode # 75

Jim Linden, the Marshall (Tom Powers) believes his son, Don, was killed 6 years ago by white men dressed as Indians. Jim & Don were each wearing gold lockets with a picture of Mary Lindon (Greta Granstedt) (wife & mother respectively) in them. The two gold lockets bring father and son together again. Dwayne Hickman (Dobie Gillis) as the younger Don Lindon, and his brother, Darryl Hickman, as the older Don Lindon, guest star in this episode. Ben Weldon plays the part of Carlos Marina, John Cliff plays the part of Worry Peters, Duke York plays the part of Buck Slade and Stanley Andrews plays the part of Warden Roberts.

The Hooded Men February 22, 1951 Episode # 76

Ruby Creston (Mira McKinney) leads a group of hooded men into robberies and murder. The Lone Ranger goes into detail about himself to convince Sheriff Hugh McNeil (Walter Sande) to trust Tonto and himself enough to bring in Ruby and the hooded men, Flack (John Doucette) and Dusty (Lane Bradford). Denver Pyle appears in the role of Deputy Allen and the part of Bill is played by Mort Thompson.

Friend in Need March 1, 1951 Episode # 77

Jeff Austin (John McGuire) is about to be hung for a crime which he did not commit, in order to protect his brother, Jim (Stephen Clark). Jim is murdered by Luke Banner (Bob Bice) when Jim tells Luke that he is going to confess to save Jeff. The Lone Ranger & Tonto receive help from Captain Sanchos (Salvador Baguez) to capture Banner. Gail Davis (Annie Oakley) plays the role of Ruth, Eddie Cobb plays the part of Sheriff Tate, David Leonard palys the part of the Padre, Paul Fierro plays the part of Juan, Joe Dominguez is the guard and Ed Clark plays the role of the waiter.

Mr. Trouble March 8, 1951 Episode # 78

Lucky Kendal (Larry Blake) tries to delay the completion of a railroad franchise so he can take advantage of lower stock values. The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Rick Merrill (Robert Rockwell) finish the railroad even though the railroad has to purchase a stagecoach to get Doctor Sam A. Weston (Harry Harvey) to the Valley Center Depot by April 20th, the dealine. House Peters, Jr. plays the part of Pierce, Jim Bannon plays the part of Red and Paul Campbell plays the part of Andy Carlisle. The part of the sheriff is played by Earl Hodgins, the crooked deputy is played by Russell Trent, Mr. Herbert is played by David McMahon and Bob Kellard plays the part of Silent Taylor.

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