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Televison Episode Guide

SEASON 5 (1956 - 1957)
(Episodes 183 through 221)

Lone Ranger - Clayton Moore
Tonto - Jay Silverheels

The Wooden Rifle September 13, 1956 Episode # 183

A young boy, Danny Sommers (Paul Engle), witnesses the murder of Max Sunday by Ed Dekker (Sydney Mason). Danny's identity is discovered when he drops his toy wooden rifle near the murder scene. Will Donovan is falsely accused of the murder and the Lone Ranger and Tonto work to discover the true murderer. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as a professor of a medicine wagon to get some evidence against Dekker. The Lone Ranger and Tonto use their ropes to save the entire Sommers family from Dekker's attempt to murder all of them in an "accident". Rand Brooks plays the part of Al Sommers, Barbara Ann Knudson plays the part of Nancy Sommers and Bill Challee plays the part of Jed Crawley.

The Sheriff of Smoke Tree September 20, 1956 Episode # 184

A new mining camp needs a sheriff to control a man named Lem Crater (John Beradino) who arrived recently with two other men. A young man, Buck Webb (Ron Hagerthy), wants the job but after being run out of town, he needs some persuasion by the Lone Ranger to go back and borrows one of the Ranger's guns. A fight and a smoky mine shaft all add up to young Buck proving that he has what it takes to be the sheriff. The Lone Ranger is convinced also when he hears Buck say: "The law don't mean to take revenge, only to get justice." Mickey Simpson plays the part of Slim Peake, Slim Pickens plays the part of Joe Boley and Tudor Owen plays the part of Mason.

The Counterfeit Mask September 27, 1956 Episode # 185

A series of crimes including murder by an outlaw impersonating the Lone Ranger, adds up to the real Lone Ranger & Tonto spending time in jail. Sheriff Calloway (Sydney Mason) releases them to help bring in the real murderer. Young Joe Wilkins (Paul Engle) mistakes the real Lone Ranger for the imposter and they all nearly get blown up in a mine. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as a miner, Ed Doherty and Tonto is disguised as Grey Horse at one point. The impersonater is a man named Rankin who was imprisoned by the Lone Ranger in Montana and Rankin had vowed to dishonor the name of the Lone Ranger throughout the West to get revenge.

No Handicap October 4, 1956 Episode # 186

The town is Granite Creek and the Douglas Gang has been terrorizing the area with robberies and murders and the Lone Ranger & Tonto have been searching for them as well. Marshall Griff Allison (Will Wright) is about to retire when the gang strikes the town and Griff is is blinded by a gunshot. The Lone Ranger damages one of his own guns and asks that Griff repair it, even though he is blind. Griff at first declines to try but he does repair the gun and at the end of the show, the Lone Ranger & the townspeople, give him some things he needs to open his own small gunsmith shop. Deputy Jim Hannah is played by Ron Hagerthy, Gary Marshall plays the part of Johnny Allison, John Beradino plays the part of Cole Douglas, Jim Parnell plays the part of Billy Douglas and Tudor Owen plays the part of Doctor Arthur Reed.

The Cross of Santo Domingo October 11, 1956 Episode # 187

Three men rob Father Juan (Ric Roman) of the recently found "Cross of Santo Domingo". Arley McQueen (Denver Pyle) is an unlikely member of the outlaws as he is a well-known and respected jeweler in Pine Gap. He needs the money from his share of the jewels embedded in the cross, to go back East to find a doctor to help his son, Tommy (John Crawford) walk again. Brick Norton (Gregg Barton) abandons his partner, Jed (Lane Bradford) , who was wounded accidentally during the robbery. As the cross was a symbol of good, the masked man is a symbol of truth and justice. Jeanne Bates plays the part of Amy McQueen and Larry Johns plays the part of Sheriff Hobart.

White Hawk's Decision October 18, 1956 Episode # 188

Little Hawk (Ed Hashim) returns to his tribe after obtaining an education in the hopes of helping his people live a better way of life but his brother, Fleet Horse (Robert Swan) despises his brother and his ideas. Fleet Horse is being deceived by two white men, Frank Carter (Harry Lauter) and Dave (Mike Ragan/Holly Bane) who know of silver on the land owned by the Indians. After luring Little Hawk to the nearly empty village with an intent to kill him by Fleet Horse, their father White Hawk (Charles Stevens) steps in and is forced to shoot Fleet Horse to save Little Hawk. Louis Letterie plays the part of the young boy, Arrowfoot.

The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan October 25, 1956 Episode # 189

Don Pedro O'Sullivan (Tudor Owen) is trying to return to Mexico by stagecoach when Colonel Carlos Ortega's (Joe Vitale) men attack and attempt to kill O'Sullivan. The Lone Ranger and Tonto switch places with O'Sullivan and his aide. Maria Manay plays the part of Conchita Colleen and John Beradino plays the part of Dutch Regan and Mickey Simpson plays the part of Matt Hinshaw. George Lewis plays the part of Jose.

Quicksand November 1, 1956 Episode # 190

A pool of quicksand, the Mary Whitecloud Indian School and a map to hidden gold are all a part of this story. Silver comes to the rescue of The Lone Ranger, who captures the evil Black Hawk (Ric Roman) and gets the gold. The part of Vance Kiley is played by Denver Pyle and Henry Rowland plays the part of Steve Grote and Robert Burton plays the part of Ben Sutherland.

Quarter Horse War November 8, 1956 Episode # 191

The Lone Ranger talks about the origin of the quarter horse as Chief Iron Hand (Charles Stevens) and his nephew arrive in town for a race. A crooked Marshall McGuire (Harry Lauter) is caught, after stealing the race money to embarrass a teacher, Mark Allen (George Mather). In this episode, you can find out what The Lone Ranger calls his home state. The part of Major Halliday is played by Bill Tannen and the part of Hazel Halliday is played by Mae Morgan.

The Letter Bride November 15, 1956 Episode # 192

The bride, Mah Lin Soong (Judy Dan) of Lee Po (Victor Sen Young) is kidnapped from the stage headed for Forgans Flat. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as Sven Olson in this story of a man, named J.S. Forgan (Joe Vitale), trying to keep Chinese immigrants out of town. Dennis Moore plays the part of Slick Friley, Slim Pickens plays the part of Ed Jones, Claire Carleton plays the part of Jennie and Tudor Owen plays the part of Sheriff Ike Kane.

Hot Spell in Panamint November 22, 1956 Episode # 193

A plot to put the marshall of Panamint out of commission in order to steal a gold shipment is the plan of Cal Ames (Bill Challee). Sunlight reflected in a mirror by Miss Sarah Edwards (Barbara Ann Knudson) enables The Lone Ranger to capture Big Joe Hunsaker (Sydney Mason). Rand Brooks plays the part of Roy Bell and John Cliff plays the part of Bradley.

The Twisted Track November 29, 1956 Episode # 194

Wynn Harkey (Bill Henry) tries to settle an old score from the Civil War against Frank Miller (Gregg Barton) in Miller's Junction. The Lone Ranger and Tonto help a young man, Clint Harkey (Tyler MacDuff), realize his potential to work despite a disability. Robert Burton plays the part of Ed Powell.

Decision for Chris McKeever December 6, 1956 Episode # 195

The McKeever Gang steals a gold shipment and are captured by The Lone Ranger and Tonto who must now take them to a sheriff, a 5 day ride away. A snake bite and quicksand help Chris McKeever (George Mather) turn over a new leaf. Bill Tannen plays the part of Seth McKeever and Robert Swan plays the part of Ward McKeever.

Trouble at Tylerville December 13, 1956 Episode # 196

An ex-convict, Roy Hillman (Tom Brown), returns to Tylerville to live a normal life. A woman, Annie Tyler (Mary Ellen Kaye), tries to help Roy but her brother, Jess Tyler (John Pickard), doesn't like it. The Lone Ranger teaches the sheriff (Francis McDonald) a lesson in equal justice. Ben Welden plays the part of Ed Lacey and Charles Aldridge plays the part of Jonas.

Christmas Story December 20, 1956 Episode # 197

The Lone Ranger & Tonto help Robby Talbot (James Baird) cut down a Christmas tree and then begin a search for Robby's gold hunting father, Ben Talbot (Bill Henry), capture a gang of bank robbers and then convince Ben to return to his wife, Mary (Aline Towne), and Robby in time for Christmas. A great Christmas episode which also stars Robert Burton as Josh Hannah and Mary Newton as Martha Hannah.

Ghost Canyon December 27, 1956 Episode # 198

Willy Moon (Robert Swan) passes himself off to Chief Imbray (Charles Stevens), as the son of the chief's dead sister but Willy actually killed the man and assumed his identity. Willy uses the services of two outlaws, Drake (Harry Lauter) & Sloat (Mike Ragan) to murder one of Chief Imbray's two sons. Bright Eagle (Ed Hashim) must past the Pima test of manhood but Willy orders his two men to kill him. A very narrow canyon figures in on the plot as well. Parts of this episode were filmed in Kanab, Utah.

Outlaw Masquerade January 3, 1957 Episode # 199

Tonto goes undercover in prison as "Red Dog" to help Frank Cameron (House Peters, Jr.) "escape" and then to lead the Lone Ranger and Tonto to stolen gold. Silver chases down Billy Cameron (Richard Crane) and The Lone Ranger is wounded. Steve Ritch plays the part of Rado and Joseph Crehan plays the part of the governor.

The Avenger January 10, 1957 Episode # 200

Crime is rampant in the town of Cottonwood and after Jason Rote (unknown) is murdered and the killer, Dave Spence (unknown), is acquitted, Mark Rote (Alan Wells) becomes mentally un-balanced but Judge Talbot (Francis McDonald) still appoints him as town marshall. The Lone Ranger tries to convince the Judge of his error. The boss of the criminal element is Ben Jordan (Tris Coffin) and he tries to get Mark Rote involved in a gunfight with former murderer, Baxter Crowe (Roy Barcroft). Rote nearly takes the life of the innocent Crowe before the Lone Ranger is able to convince Rote that he is making a terrible mistake. Crowe offers to help Mark Rote through the shock of the murder of his father. Dennis Moore plays the part of Brad Stacy. Watch this episode to learn the definition of a "road agent spin".

The Courage of Tonto January 17, 1957 Episode # 201

An Apache Indian, Red Cloud (Maurice Jara), is promoted to Sergeant at Fort Apache but when his father, Chief Grey Horse (Francis McDonald) is killed, the Lone Ranger & Tonto are blamed. Tonto is held captive until The Lone Ranger captures the real murderer, Lew Pearson (Joel Ashley). Major Jonathan (Ewing Mitchell) speaks highly about his two friends near the end of this episode. Jim Bannon plays the part of Greg.

The Breaking Point January 24, 1957 Episode # 202

Dan Peters (Keith Richards) has finally found a productive gold claim in Surprise Valley but Mark Slade (House Peters) and his gang want it and are holding him hostage until he reveals the location of the claim. Lenny Peters (Brad Morrow) lets "Old Paint" lead him to his father, against the request of Lenny's grandpa, Griff (Charles Waggenheim) and the Lone Ranger. To capture the outlaws, Tonto suggests using the "Indian Buffalo Hunt Trick" which works superbly and the Slade Gang is captured and Dan is reunited with his father and son.

A Harp for Hannah January 31, 1957 Episode # 203

Walter Dubbs (Trevor Bardette) is on his way to buy a birthday present for his wife but he is robbed by Wes Talman (Bob Roark) and accomplices. The sheriff is not very helpful but Tonto locates a witness to the robbery and the truth prevails with the help of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who also give Mrs. Dubb's (Louise Lewis) a birthday present at the end of the episode. Pierce Lyden plays the part of Reese Talman and Ralph Sanford plays the part of Sheriff Wirt.

A Message from Abe February 7, 1957 Episode # 204

The Lone Ranger & Tonto arrive to check on a former convict, Phil Beach (James Griffith) and his wife Ann (Maggie O'Byrne). Ann's father, Old Man Hawkins (Harry Strang), refuses to help them with money and Phil resorts to stealing the money from Old Man Hawkins. The Gettysburg Address recitation is a big factor in The Lone Ranger determining the truth in this story. Mauritz Malone plays the part of Mauritz Hugo. Other uncredited characters are the sheriff, the deputy sheriff, Lefty and Fingers Blake.

Code of Honor February 14, 1957 Episode # 205

A fake U.S. cavalry captain (John Cliff) commits several robberies which causes the real Capt. Steven Davis (Don C. Harvey) to be blamed. His young son, Tim (Paul Engle), refuses to believe his father has turned bad. The Lone Ranger & Tonto both wear disguises as they track down the outlaws to rescue the captain who has been kidnapped and to also recover the stolen gold. Helene Marshall plays the part og Ellen Davis,John Maxwell plays the part of Colonel Strickland, and Rand Brooks plays the part of Phillips. Two other characters are uncredited and they are: Yancy and Jimmy, the red-haired little boy.

The Turning Point Feb 21, 1957 Episode # 206

The town is Blue River and John (Paul Campbell) & Amy Stark (Margaret Stewart) write for assistance from the Lone Ranger & Tonto. A group of vigilantes has a corrupt member, Ray Torgeson (George Barrows), who tries to extort money from the Starks. The Lone Ranger & Tonto use the "old gang trick" in this episode. The part of Earl Bennett is played by Pierce Lyden.

Dead-Eye February 28, 1957 Episode # 207

Marshall Dallas "Dead-Eye" Jones (William Fawcett) comes out of retirement to track down the murderer, Jake Beaudry (Zon Murray). The Lone Ranger & Tonto step in when they learn the marshall may be ambushed on his way to Silver City. Our heroes do their best to help the cantankerous old marshall capture Jake Beaudry and his partner, Tanner (Myron Healey). The part of Doc Washburn is uncredited.

Clover in the Dust March 7, 1957 Episode # 208

The Lone Ranger & Tonto find the body of Will Yeomans, murdered in the rocks on the Ben Ranson ranch. Before he died, Will drew a 3 leaf clover in the dust and Tonto found another clue, a loose horseshoe with missing nails on one of two horses that rode away. Jeff Yeomans (Harry Strang) is informed of his son's death and his foreman, Matt Thorne (Syd Mason) is quick to blame Ben Ranson (Don C. Harvey). A second son, Tom Yeomans (Dan Barton), is shamed by his father into going after Ranson but decides at the last minute to not do anything. Jeff is furious that his son backed down and Tom decides to leave and Jeff is so angry that he writes a new will, making Matt Thorne the sole beneficiary of his estate. Thorne has been the rustler that Yeomans has been fighting and Thorne now has a reason to murder Jeff Yeomans. The Lone Ranger & Tonto interrupt the attempted murder as Tom rushes in to save his father's life. Jeff Yeomans apologizes to his son for being such a fool as the Lone Ranger & Tonto ride away.

Slim's Boy March 14, 1957 Episode # 209

Ex-con Gil Ryan (Pierce Lyden) is on his way to Dark Canyon settle a score with Marshal Sam Masters (Trevor Bardette) who sent him to prison 8 years ago. Sam has rheumatism in both hands and he cannot even draw his guns anymore but no one knows of his condition----he thinks, but Gil Ryan has learned of the affliction. Tom Bartlertt (Bob Roark), Slim's son, has become very bitter after Slim was gunned down and Sam & his wife, Amy, have been trying to keep Tom out of trouble. A gold refinery is the next victim, according to Luke (?), one of Gil's henchmen, but the Lone Ranger and Tonto work with Sam to arrest the robbers and Tom learns about the courage that Sam has when he stands up to Gil Ryan. Tom uses his whip to lend a hand to Sam. Louise Lewis plays the part of Amy Marshall.

Two Against Two March 21, 1957 Episode # 210

Vic Foley (Baynes Barron) escapes from the state prison and goes to the Danny (Gary Murray) & Maria (Eugenia Paul) Mendoza farm to get Danny to help him recover $100,000 stolen in his last bank robbery. Vic lies to Danny about the Lone Ranger shooting Eduardo, Danny's brother, in the back, about a year ago. It was actually Vic who had killed Eduardo. Vic plots to kill the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Danny in a cave but a keg of blasting powder allows the three men to escape from Vic's trap. Vic is captured and Danny reunited with his sister, Maria.

Ghost Town Fury March 28, 1957 Episode # 211

The 3 Clanton Gang members, Wade (Baynes Barron), Johnny (Richard Crane), and Vic (House Peters, Jr.) break out of prison and begin a crime wave near the Badlands. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are looking for them and stop at a friend's Blackhawk (Steve Ritch) ranch to get some information. Blackhawk's son, Keo (Carlos Vera) and his friend Scott, want to be like our masked hero & Tonto and sneak into the Badlands to look for the Clantons. The gang have their hideout in an old ghost town and Keo & Scott stumble across it and get trapped by the Clantons. Keo manages to sneal out and meet up with the Lone Ranger & Tonto. Scott & Keo assist in the capture of the Clantons but also learn to let their parents know in advance, where they are going to go, in the future.

The Prince of Buffalo Gap April 4, 1957 Episode # 212

Prince Heinrich Von Maximilian (Robert Crosson) is in Buffalo Gap for a buffalo hunt and there is a plot by his uncle Baron Otto Von Koenig (Gabor Curtiz) to cause the death of the prince by a planned accident. The Baron hires Matt Cagle (Jim Bannon) to carry out the murder but the prince overhears the plot and takes off. The Lone Ranger & Tonto win the trust of the prince and all three combine their efforts to get the evidence against the Baron and Cagle. Michael Winkleman plays the part of Chip Truett.

The Law and Miss Aggie April 11, 1957 Episode # 213

Aggie Turner (Florence Lake) is angry with all Indians and the reason is that she believes her husband, Ben and her son, Chip, were murdered 20 years ago by Apaches. Chief Flying Cloud (Joe Vitale) & his adopted son, White Eagle (Brad Jackson), must cross the Turner ranch as they head for Fort Carson. Aggie orders her foreman and two hands to ambush the chief, not realizing that White Eagle is actually her long lost son, Chip. A rare gold coin is the tipoff to the Lone Ranger of the family connection between Aggie and White Eagle. The Lone Ranger takes on a big man, Samson O'Hara (uncredited actor), in a fistfight and shows that brawn isn't always a necessity in winning a fight. Dennis Moore plays the part of Keg.

The Tarnished Star April 18, 1957 Episode # 214

Vince Barrett (Myron Healey) is the new town marshall in Peaceful Valley which has been plagued by the False Face Gang. Vince married the widow of Marshall Jim Wade, Martha (Mercedes Shirley), about a month ago. Jim was killed by an unknown cowboy about 2 years ago. It turns out that Vince believes he was the cowboy who accidentally killed Jim Wade and that Bart Rennick (Zon Murray) has been blackmailing Vince. Rennick is the leader of the False Face Gang. A whistled tune is enough to make Vince take back the marshall's star and the Lone Ranger & Tonto learn the words to the tune. Vince finally admits the truth to the Lone Ranger and then to Martha. After one last act as marshall, in which the False Face Gang is captured, Rennick admits that Vince didn't shoot Wade but that he, Rennick, actually shot the marshall. Paul Engle plays the part of Jackie Wade and William Facett plays the part of banker Elias Rush.

Canuck April 25, 1957 Episode # 215

The Canucks are people who have come to the United States from Canada and have settled in the area of Vandalia. Dan Slauson (Tris Coffin) is doing his best to drive the Canucks away and he buys up their land. Slauson is aided in his criminal ways by a fake U.S. Marshal Dillon (Roy Barcroft) and Bert Ronson (Richard Benedict). The Charron family is attacked and the husband killed, leaving Cecile Charron (Virginia Christine) and the son, Etienne Charron (Peter Miles) left to carry on. Slauson even cheats the Canucks by using disappearing ink on the sales contracts. The Lone Ranger used the disappearing ink against Slauson and also pretends to be Papa Baptiste after Ronson thought he had killed him.Jason Johnson also plays the part of Tom Burrows.

Mission for Tonto May 2, 1957 Episode # 216

Kip Hollaway (Tyler MacDuff) is enroute to his grandfather Chad Bannion's (Robert Burton) ranch when he is ambushed by two men, Duke Wade (Lane Bradford) and Cash Wade (Gregg Barton). Their mother, Emmy Corkle (Florence Lake), is about to marry Chad and she doesn't want Kip around to share in the ranch in the future. Tonto goes to the Bannion ranch for help after Kip is wounded but Emmy instructs her two sons to follow along and kill Kip, Tonto and the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger has taught Silver a new trick and it proves to be very helpful in order to get the drop on Emmy and her two nasty sons.

Journey to San Carlos May 9, 1957 Episode # 217

Renegade Piaute Indians that were part of Blue Feather's (Rick Vallin) tribe, are attacking wagons. A determined Jed Walker (Joe Sargent) insists on leaving the fort to travel to San Carlos with his sister Sally Walker (Melinda Byron). The Lone Ranger & Tonto finally get Ben Murray (Myron Healey) to guide the Walkers to San Carlos. Ben had given up guiding after he had lost his courage and ran from a wagon train in which 18 people were killed. The Ranger is trying to help Ben get his courage back so he can be a productive and useful man again. The Walkers are attacked on the trail and afterwards, they wait while Tonto goes for help from Blue Feather. Ben wins a battle to regain his courage when he nearly runs out again but changes his mind. Harry Strange plays the part of Colonel Ray Wickstrom.

The Bankerís Son May 16, 1957 Episode # 218

Banker Tom Bryan (Ewing Mitchell) tries to force his son Fred (Ron Hagerthy) to learn the banking business. An accidental shooting & cover-up causes the Lone Ranger to disguise himself as an old army soldier to get to the truth. One important piece of advice is given by The Lone Ranger: "Strength can only come from inner convictions, never from orders." Bill Nichols becomes the marshall by the end of the episode. Jim Bannon plays the part of Marshal Hendricks, Pat Nichols plays the part of Bill Nichols and Hank Worden plays the part pf Bruckner in this episode.

The Angel and the Outlaw May 23, 1957 Episode # 219

The Calico Kid (Brad Jackson) and his gang split up after a robbery in which Tonto wounds the Kid. The Kid receives treatment for his wound by Mama Angel (Florence Lake) who intends to get the Calico Kid to turn himself in to the law. The Kid has a negative influence on a boy, Manuel Sanchez (Carlos Vera) who envies the Kid. The Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old saddle tramp and also tries to convince the Kid to change his ways and to try to get him to convince Manuel that being a robber and a guman is not being a hero. At the end, the Kid becomes afraid when his two gang members show up to collect their share of the stolen loot. A young girl, Easter (Linda Wrather) also helps to get the Calico Kid to change his ways. Dennis Moore plays the part of Dallas.

Blind Witness May 30, 1957 Episode # 220

The masked man and Tonto are charged with robbery, but the only witness that can clear them is blind.

Outlaws in Greasepaint June 6, 1957 Episode # 221

The final episode where The Lone Ranger disguises himself as Othello in which he and Tonto help arrest two robbers, DeWitt & Lavinia Faversham. They are two members of a defunct Shakespearean repertory company who are robbing Wells Fargo Offices now, for a living.

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