The Phantom
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The Phantom
The present day Phantom, (a.k.a. Mr. Kit Walker, the Ghost Who Walks, Man who cannot die and Guardian of the Eastern Dark) is the 21st person to have taken the Oath of the Skull. He, like his forefathers, has committed his life to end piracy, injustice and cruelty. However, he also lives a personal life with his wife, Diana and two children, Kit & Heloise. But this does not mean that he has a separate identity like Batman has Bruce Wayne's and Superman has Clark Kent's. It is no secret that Mr. Walker is another name of the Phantom. This also doesn't mean that people know what the Phantom looks like under the mask, for even as Kit Walker, his face is never revealed, not even to the readers. No one except the Phantom's wife can behold the face of the Ghost who walks for as the Old Jungle Saying goes - 'He who sees the Phantom's face, dies a horrible death!'

Diana Palmer Walker
Diana has been the lady in Kit Walker's life since first appearing in the very first Phantom strip "The Singh Brotherhood" where she first caught his eye warding off unwanted suiters like Jimmy Wells. She has had a very prosperous and exciting life. Accolades include being an Olympic diver, aviatrix, nurse, explorer, and UN official.

Both before and after her marriage to the Phantom (24th November 1977), Diana has never had trouble getting into trouble. The forever-battling Phantom has rescued Diana from kidnappers, roughnecks, villains, and more at least 45 times!

Kit & Heloise
The children of Kit Walker and Diana Palmer-Walker. The twins were born after a long awaited courtship, and then marriage of Kit and Diana (which works out to 40 years of real-time angst). They were born on the 5th June 1979. Kit was first and named as per the tradition of all first-born Walkers. Heloise was the second twin. Named after the wife of the eighth Phantom, Heloise the Hanta Witch.

As per the tradition of the Phantom's ancestors Diana gave birth in the Skull Cave, Helped by a good friend of the family, Dr Axel, both children were perfect to carry on the Phantom line. Precocious from birth, the twins as they got older never failed to find mischief (just like their mom). But because of their training have always been able to handle themselves from a very young age.

Rex King
Rex was just a baby when the Phantom found him on 15th May 1966. As a baby, Rex was found by two jungle missionaries on their doorstep. However disease took their lives, and natives guided the Phantom to the parentless child. Rex was taken in by the Phantom as his adopted son. Later on in his life, it was found that Rex was the heir to the throne of a province in the Misty Mountains called Baronkhan.

Lifelong friend of the Phantom. Guran grew up with the Phantom and was there while his training prepared him for a responsibility that is eminent for any Walker. Chief of the pygmy people who live with the Phantom in the deep woods. He is also chief procurer of medicines, and he alone knows the recipe for the deadly poison that tips the arrows of the Bandar.

Old Man Mozz
Old Man Mozz belongs to the same Bandar tribe that zealously protects the Phantom. His age is not known; however, he is believed to be many years old, often spoken about as 'ancient Mozz'. Even at such an old age his faculties work exceptionally well and he is a very patient man. Moreover, unlike the rest of the tribe, Mozz is not a warrior. In a jungle world without written history, he is a living 'library' of all jungle tales and legends. He is believed to possess the knowledge of all past and current events of the jungle, even to the extent of knowing the journals of each and every Phantom! Often when the Phantom is in doubt or there is simply no time for research, he will go for advice and knowledge to Mozz. He can easily be compared to one of those mythical men, full of wisdom and knowledge. Mozz is often quoted as saying 'I can neither make it short or long, I must tell how it was.' And this truly is the essence of this wonderful character.

Mozz is the wisest person in the Jungle (well apart from our favourite hero). He has stories related to every facet of jungle-living and history of each and every tribe and event in the jungle. Seen as a crank and old fool by some, he is a lovable character who plays a grandfatherly role towards the children, telling them stories and generally corrupting their young minds.

Devil is the Phantom's pet wolf, his best friend and constant companion. He is also, in a sense, one of the Phantom's most formidable weapons. He has saved the Phantom's life, and vice versa, many times.

Devil first met the Phantom as a cub. His father was a wolf named Satan notorious in the area as feared leader of a pack with which the Phantom had clashed before. * Devil's mother was killed by hunters who stole two wolf cubs to train as killers. Devil was trapped under his mother's body when she fell, and so hidden from the hunters. The Phantom found him and admired his feisty spirit. He took the cub back to Deep Woods and trained him to defend himself against tigers, falcons and snakes.

The Phantom did not want to keep the young wolf away from his natural destiny and gave him a chance to return to the pack. But when Satan howled, Devil didn't follow, but went with the Phantom instead. Later, after Satan's death, Devil forsook the opportunity to become the new leader of the pack, and returned to join the Phantom for good. The Phantom promised the wolf to be comrades until death.

Devil often travels with the Phantom. If the Phantom has to take a plane (in disguise, of course), he will frequently buy a seat for Devil rather than consigning him to the cargo area. (He makes the reservation for K. Walker and Friend.) When confronted by a flight attendant who states the airline's policy against dogs flying in the passenger cabin, the Phantom coolly replies that Devil is a wolf, not a dog, so the rule does not apply.

Devil has a particularly close and unusual partnership with Hero, the Phantom's horse, and together they have performed some amazing deeds. No doubt they are bound by their common loyalty to The Ghost Who Walks.

* This wolf pack was, in fact, descended from a group of four pups that were brought by the Phantom from America to Bangalla in the 19th century. The Phantom had been saved by a wounded female mountain-wolf, and he pledged to protect her pups when she died.

Hero, the Phantom's great white stallion, is a constant ally in the Phantom's adventures. He is unusually brave, as his name implies. He is the first horse in the Phantom's experience who does not bolt at the scent of a tiger. He is also incredibly fast. Once he was stolen and made into a racehorse. The Phantom eventually rescued him leaving behind only the legend of the greatest racehorse who ever lived.

The Phantom acquired Hero in the course of an adventure. The horse was originally named Royal Hero, for he was the property of the Maharajah of Nimpore. When the Maharajah's daughter, Lakania, was kidnapped, the Phantom borrowed Royal Hero to go and rescue her. When they encountered a tiger, the Phantom was amazed at Hero's bravery and intelligence. The horse and Devil kept the tiger at bay by working together as a team, even though they had never met before. After the rescue was accomplished, the Maharajah gave the horse to the Phantom in gratitude.

Second to none in speed, courage and loyalty, Hero is, simply, the best horse in the world.

Col. Worabu & The Jungle Patrol
Leader of the Jungle Patrol which keeps the peace in all of the jungle. Established by the Phantom from a group of pirates, who after being beaten by our hero, pledged their lives to removing cruelty and piracy from the worlds they knew. A very exclusive army-police force, the Jungle Patrol receive thousands of applications a year but only choose a few of the best.

Rugged and strong, each Jungle Patrol man is able to hold himself against ten men, and never uses his rifle except for the most extreme situations.

The "Unknown Commander" of this force (the Phantom) issues orders through a secret tunnel which are carried out by Colonel Worabu

Dr. Axel
One of the most respected members of the jungle. Dr Axel tends to the needs of the sick junglefolk. The Phantom can always rely on him to help out sick or wounded colleagues, visitors and even the odd villain or two. The kind hearted doctor has a moral nature as well as a high sense of charity.


President Luaga & President Goranda
A friend of the Walkers for many years, President Luaga first met Diana through her work as a nurse providing immunisation for the sickened tribes of the jungle. Luaga has a doctor's degree and due to his immense popularity ran for office in Mawitaan (the capital of Bangalla) as President and was voted in by a huge majority. His only opposition is Colonel General Bababu, who has tried several times to overthrow his leadership.

Goranda is the elected president of Ivory-Lana, a neighboring province of Bangalla. Luaga and Goranda have corroborated on quite a few operations and have a special understanding with each others policies. Goranda has helped Luaga and vice-versa with situations like kidnappings and hostage incidents. Present at the wedding of the Phantom and Diana Palmer, he and Luaga preceded over the nuptials


Singh Brotherhood
These pirates that terrorize the Indian ocean and the seas nearby are the very cause of the birth of the Phantom. A gang of the pirates had attacked the ship of the 1st Phantom's father. The only survivor was the man who took the oath to fight crime all his life and that his sons and their sons would follow him. The Singh pirates have also been the cause of a few Phantom's deaths. This fact alone is sufficient to give one an idea of the prowess that these 'brothers' in crime possess.

The Eastern Dark
The Eastern Dark has been one of the Phantoms' oldest and darkest enemies. If one thinks of villains appearing in Phantom comics and newspaper strips, The Eastern Dark's name will surely be among the first to come to mind along with that of the Singh Pirates. Over the four centuries during which a Phantom has walked the planet, these hard-heartened criminals have always been present too. This has been because they are not just a small group of individuals but an entire race by themselves - if one generation is stopped, another continues with their vile intentions. The list of the crimes of these people include slave-trading, human sacrifice (to their evil god, Zaal), grand thefts, terrorizing the natives, illegal poaching, and so on. They stop at nothing and fear no one, except the Ghost Who Walks who somehow mysteriously appears after years of absence to undo their misdoings and to punish them. The ruinous idol of Zaal still bears the Skull Mark of the Phantom as a reminder and warning - a warning which screams out, 'Beware! Beware the Guardian of the Eastern Dark!'

Colonel General Bababu
Adversary of President Luaga. When Luaga ran for office, Bababu was opposed to a peaceful doctor being president. So he ran against Luage, but lost due to the people's overwhelming support of the doctor that had saved them from disease. Bababu was exiled but has returned on several occassions to try to overthrow the government. His attempts were very successful but have all been thwarted by Luaga's close friend, the Phantom.

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