ROM Spaceknight
Action Figure

Here, on a bright new horizon, stands a figure of modern electronic technology. He is Rom - a creation with powers you can hardly imagine.

Through the magic of advanced circuitry, Rom's electronic features and accessories create striking effects in sound and light. Sparked by these innovations, a child's imagination will soar.

Parker Brothers welcomes you to an age of microelectronic lights, sounds and excitement.


Rom the Spaceknight was a toy created by Bing McCoy and sold to Parker Brothers, who in cooperation with Marvel Comics also created a superhero that appeared in the Marvel Universe.

McCoy originally called the toy COBOL (after the programming language), which was later changed to "Rom" (after ROM, a.k.a. Read-Only Memory) by Parker Brothers' executives. The toy set a precedent for Parker Brothers, which up until that time had only ever produced board games. As this was a new venture for the company and that electronic toys were still very new, a decision was made to produce the figure as cheaply as possible. As a result, the final product had very few points of articulation, and twin red LEDs served as Rom's eyes instead of the originally envisioned green, which were more expensive to produce.

Rom the Space Knight has two red LEDs for eyes that light up, two red LEDs in his chest that pulse, and two red LEDs in his rocket packs that pulse when his jets are turned on. He also has a utility cable with an LED on it that plugs into his tools to give them a glowing red light as well. Most Roms are missing the utility cable.

In addition to Rom's lights, he also makes sounds. On his back are two buttons. By pressing specific button combinations, Rom will make different sounds, including breathing, his jet pack thrusters, and sounds for his energy analyzer, translator and neutralizer.

Rom launched with a comic book by Marvel that actually faired better than the toy. In the comic, Rom's mortal enemies were the Dire Wraiths, nebulous energy beings that could appear as humans. With his energy analyzer, Rom could detect the Wraiths, and with his neutralizer, send them back to the void they came from.

Rom's translator lets you imagine that he communicates with other intelligen beings. With this accessory you can make Rom respond to any question in his electronic language of sounds and lights.
Energy Analyzer
With his energy analyzer's flashing lights and synthesized sound effects, you can imagine Rom scanning his environment to detect both good and evil.
Rom's neutralizer emits crackling bursts of sound and light. Armed with this weapon, Rom seems almost invincible. Beware to all who oppose him!
Advanced Electronics
Beneath Rom's rugged plastic body lies an advanced microelectronic system -- controling each of his functions
Life-Like Respirator
Built into his protective armor, Rom carries an electronic respirator. Once activated this unique device will startle you with its realistic breathing sounds.
Energized Rocket Pack
With his rocket pack, you can imagine Rom blasting off and flying through space. At the touch of a button, the twin pods "ignite" -- with booster sounds and flickering energy lights.