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The Ghostly Galleon Advenure

While in KB Toys recently, I saw the Sea-Monkeys Ghostly Galleon set for sale and memories of my childhood came flooding back. I remembered getting Sea-Monkeys as a kid and how they never really worked and how all I ever saw was just some dirt floating in the water, but I wanted to try again and my daughter Sarah was there and she showed some interest. I sort of lead her along into wanting them and over my wife's protest we got them and headed home. The trip home was lots of fun as Sarah and I speculated on how wonderful and amazing the Sea-Monkeys would be while my wife kept telling us it was a rip off and there were no such things as Sea-Monkeys... the unbeliever!


Sea-Monkeys after just a couple of days.
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Latest picture of our Sea-Monkeys.
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Home again, and the awful truth dawned upon us... there are directions to follow. Skip just one and you will have no new happy friends! We found out that you couldn't just dump the stuff in the water and poof there would be Sea-Monkeys. First we had to purify the water... that was 24 hours. Sarah nearly died waiting that one out. Then it was time for the magical moment... we poured in packet #2 and behold... powder in the water. I tried to tell them that there were Sea-Monkeys in the tank now, but my wife scoffed and sarah eventually grew bored.

Days later I noticed tiny little living beings dancing in the water, Sea-Monkeys! I called Sarah in the room and showed her and she was delighted. She thought they looked like tadpoles. In the next several days the little buggers continued to grow at an alarming rate, almost doubling in size each day.

I went to Wal-Mart recently and bought a little stick on aquarium thermometer so I can monitor the water temperature. These things are pretty handy and can let you know if the water is getting to hot or cold. I am trying to keep the water at around 78°F and they seem to be pretty happy at that temperature. I did come home one night while my wife was cooking and they were really active in the tank and the temperature was 85° in the tank! So warmer water tempertures seem to stimulate them.


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