Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What the heck?! You're closed? Why?

1. Why did I shut it down?
In one word hotlinking. Assholes were hotlinking to media files on the site making the daily transfer rate become too high. Breon asked me what I was transfering through the site that using so much bandwidth so I checked the stats... I wasn't really getting that many daily hits but my media files were taking a beating. looking into things, I saw the main culprits were cheap fucks, either too lazy or too stingy to host their own stolen content, so they were just hotlinking directly to my files. Unfortunately there isn't a real solution to this problem, other than just take the content down. These sites haven't really been updated in over 10 years and most, if not all, of the content is severely outdated, so I just chose to take it all down. I might put some of it back up in the future and link the rest to the offical websites for the content...

My thanks goes out to Breon for hosting this site free of charge for all these years.

2005 William Thompson.
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