Thrilling Adventures

Welcome to my award-winning site showcasing just a few of my eclectic likes. Comic Strips, Science Fiction, Pulp Heroes, Fantasy, Role-Playing, Pop Culture Icons, Old Time Radio, Movies, Televison... all are represented.

There used to be a time when you had to design websites under the assumption that everyone had a slow modem and a 640x480 display. Pages had to be dead simple and load quickly under those conditions. It isn't like that anymore. Most people have a fast connection and larger resolution monitors are pretty much standard now, even cellphones can access the web in high definition. So my page design philosophy has adapted.

Navigation should still be simple and intuitive. If its too easy for a reader to get lost then you have poor nvigation links. I strive to make my sites standards compliant and view basically the same across all platforms. Just about any browser can be used to view this site, even Lynx! Still, not everyone has the same browser settings or add-ons, so a site should gracefully degrade so they see no errors and also have complete access to all the content.

I am in the process of changing all graphics on my pages from GIFs and JPGs to PNGs. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics they support 8 bit transparency and are the most lossless format available.

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