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Name:  Battra 
Length:  329 ft.
Wing span:  590 ft.
Mass:  33,000 tons

Prism beams from eyes

First appearance: Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
Fight Record: 1 win,1 loss, 1 tie
Battra is also known as the "black Mothra." Thousands of years ago, an advanced human society on Infant Island created a weather-controlling device. The Earth, which was a living organism with feelings, became insulted, and created Battra to destroy the society. Mothra, who defended the people, fought a fierce battle with Battra, and came to be the victor. In 1993, a meteorite hit the Earth, and revealed Mothra's egg to the surface on Infant Island because of the fierce impact. Battra appeared again, in its larval stage, and began to seek Mothra. Battra confronted Godzilla while Godzilla was fighting Mothra in the ocean. Battra attacked Godzilla, and while the two were fighting, Mothra swam away. Godzilla and Battra fought underwater until an underground volcano swallowed both of them up. While Mothra was in her cacoon at the Diet Building in Tokyo, Battra changed into a moth. The two insects meet and fight each other. Godzilla then appears. Battra and Mothra then decide that Godzilla is a threat to the Earth, and join forces. Together, Battra and Mothra carry Godzilla out into the sea, and drop him after Battra is killed by Godzilla during the flight.