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Name:  Godzilla (2000) 
Height:  180 ft.
Mass:  22,600 tons

Radioactive breath, Regenerator G-1 super regenerative power
First appearance:
Godzilla 2000 (1999)

Since 1954 Godzilla has attacked Japan on a regular basis. The frequency of these Godzilla attacks inspired two organizations to be formed in Japan: the Crisis Control Intelligence Agency (CCI), headed by Mitsuo Katagiri, and the Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN), run by Yuji Shinoda. The CCI wanted to kill Godzilla while the GPN wanted to study the mysteries of Godzilla and predict his apperances in Japan so the damage could be minimized. A skin sample studied by Shinoda revealed that Godzilla contained a super-fast cell regenerative system, named Regenerator G-1, which explained his virtual immortality. The Regenerator G-1 power attracted a formless alien crew aboard a UFO to Godzilla because they believed Godzilla to be the dominant species of the planet, and wanted its superior form in order to conquer the planet. The UFO attacked Godzilla and created the monster Orga from the Regenerator G-1. Orga clumsily tried to absorb more Regenrator G-1 from Godzilla, so it could become a complete Godzilla clone, but was destroyed when Godzilla blew his powerful atomic breath.