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Name:  Godzilla (1985) 
Height:  262 ft.
Mass:  55,000 tons

Atomic breath, super regenerative power (Godzilla can be wounded but he heals very rapidly)
First appearance:
Godzilla 1985 (1985)
Fight Record:
4 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie

Rising from the Bering sea thirty years after the attack on Tokyo in 1954, a second, even more powerful Godzilla appears. Godzilla possesses an incredible regenerative factor within his cells, enabling him to heal even the most hideous wounds in a short amount of time. He can also fire a powerful atomic ray from his mouth. The only weaknesses Godzilla seems to have are cadmium and Anti-Nuclear Bacteria, both of which affect his atomic structure, making him weak, even to the point of entering a coma-like state. Godzilla is a walking earthquake or typhoon. He barrels through any obstacle in his path, attacking mercilessly and holding back nothing. Godzilla will play his awesome atomic ray against his foes, blasting them apart in a ferocious display of power. Nor will Godzilla be content to sit back and attack from a distance. Even as his atomic ray tears apart his enemy, Godzilla still advances, more than willing to sink his claws and teeth into his devastated foe.