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Name:  Godzilla (GxMg)
Height:  180 ft.
Mass:  24,800 tons

Atomic fire breath, brute strength.
First appearance:
Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (2002)

After The original Godzilla's defeat in 1954 by the oxygen destroyer, its bones lay at rest at the bottom of Tokyo Harbor. Between 1954 and 1999 Japan suffers from attack after attack by giant monsters and the Japanese Self-Defense Force creates a division to battle these threats. The Anit-Monster Force (AMF) finds success with maser cannons. In 1999 a new Godzilla emerged from the sea to beset Japan again. Even the AMF's new advanced maser cannons are unable to stop Godzilla, who proceeds to rampage across Japan before returning to the sea. Godzilla did not remain in the sea for long returning to Japan in 2002, attacking on the day the AMF chose to unveil their newly completed super-weapon, the Kiryu (nickname: Mechagodzilla).