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Name:  Mothra 
Height:  197 ft.
Wing span:  820 ft.
Mass:  22,000 tons

Flight at Mach 3, hurricane winds, poison powder
First appearance:
Mothra (1961)

A monster of principle and peace, Mothra fights only when her unprotected people, the natives of Infant Island, are under threat. Guided by telepathic communication from her tiny twin priestesses, the Shobijin (or Fairies), Mothra has shown battle skill in defeating Godzilla and great bravery in singlehandedly facing the terrible Ghidrah. Worshipped as a diety by the natives of Infant Island in the South Pacific, Mothra, with her fuzzy body and colorfully patterned wings, conveys a sense of awe, not terror, as she gracefully glides into her encounters with humanity. She is one of the most beautiful of all monsters. Mothra's origins are shrouded in mystery, but to her people she is a benevolent god representing both love and renewal.