Thrilling Adventures

Welcome to my award-winning site showcasing just a few of my eclectic likes. Comic Strips, Science Fiction, Pulp Heroes, Fantasy, Role-Playing, Pop Culture Icons, Old Time Radio, Movies, Televison... all are represented.

My design philosophy is to create fast loading, eye-pleasing, easy to navigate sites. Graphics should be used to enhance content not to replace content. When graphics are used they should be fast loading, compact, and shouldn't distract. Navigation should be simple and straight forward. Users shouldn't get lost in the sites. The sites should be as cross browser compatable as possible and load virtually the same in as many different browsers possible. This site was designed to be best viewed at a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 with at least a 24 bit color depth. Some portions of this site utilize javascript popup windows. On platforms where the pop-up windows, are unsupported these windows should open in the active window. Just about any web browser may be used to view these pages, even Lynx!

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