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Televison Episode Guide

In 1949 the Lone Ranger was brought to televison with a series of half-hour films, made in Hollywood especially for the new medium. The opening episode, on September 15, 1949, told the familiar story of how the Lone Ranger got his name and his mission in life.

Clayton Moore was the best-known TV Lone Ranger (he also filled the role in two feature films made in the late 1950's), but the character was also played by veteran actor John Hart for a couple of seasons. Tonto was always played to poker-faced perfection by Jay Silverheels.

"First Season" 1949-1950 (52 eps / b&w with Clayton Moore)

"Second Season" 1950-1951 (26 eps / b&w with Clayton Moore)

"Third Season" 1952-1953 (52 eps / b&w with John Hart)

"Fourth Season" 1954-1955 (52 eps / b&w with Clayton Moore)

"Fifth Season" 1956-1957 (39 eps / color with Clayton Moore)

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