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Product information about Notepad

Get the world's most versatile HTML editing tool absolutely FREE when you purchase this software: Windows version 2.0 and above

Key features of this world-class Web authoring tool are:

  • Universal file format Easy to read presentation of all HTML data
  • Easy to use graphical front-end
  • No complex button bar for functions
  • Low memory foot print
  • Universal application for all versions of Windows
  • Small application size and simple installation
  • Compatible with HTML1
  • Compatible with HTML2
  • Compatible with HTML3
  • Compatible with HTML4
  • Compatible with JavaScript
  • Compatible with all plug-ins
  • Compatible with ActiveX technology
  • Compatible with CGI and Perl scripting
  • Compatible with all web formats in existence
  • Compatible with all web formats not yet devised
User Interface

Notepad has one of the simplest user interfaces of any Internet Web authoring tools, totally uncluttered by GDI- hungry graphical button bars. Other Web tools have overly-complex interfaces that hamper your use of the software. The menus are logically laid out, conforming to all standards in design, so you can understand them before you ever use Notepad. The four menus provide you with more than all the options you need to create and edit the finest HTML code. Notepad has the same interface for all versions of Windows, so moving over to the latest version of Windows should not hamper your HTML code creation. The editing window is designed to provide the user with the maximum view of the HTML or JavaScript code, consisting of just two simple to use scroll bars and a menu line. Notepad also has the facilty to wrap your HTML text over to the next line, making it easy to read and edit. This wrapping facility is available through the easy to use menus built right in to the application.

Compatibilty with Web standards

The Notepad web authoring tool is compatible with every single standard of Internet presentation medium yet devised. As a bonus, Notepad is also compatible with all future developments in HTML and any other Web based presentation medium. This functionality is included as standard, and at no extra cost.

Small memory footprint

Notepad was designed to have a very small application footprint, taking up as little space as possible in your computer's memory, and a minimum of disk space. In fact, when you install Notepad, you will not even notice the disk space decrease. When you use other Web authoring tools and HTML "editors", large chunks of memory and system resources are consumed, and sometimes not even returned when closing the applications down. This means that you often cannot run a web tool and a Web browser at the same time, because of memory constraints. Notepad can be run in the background, no matter how little memory you have available. If you can run a web browser, you can run Notepad.

Clear presentation of HTML

Notepad gives you clear, easy to read and full HTML. There is no code hidden, and you have control over all parts of the HTML code. JavaScript is also fully supported by Notepad. All parts of the JavaScript are fully available through Notepad, without the need of complex tools. All code written in Notepad is as you want it, with no other standards or coding methods imposed on you. If you don't want lots of tags defining every possible detail of the image that you have inserted, then you don't have to enter it! No more lines and lines of Copyright and META tags full of information that you don't want to be sending to people. Streamline your code with Notepad!

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