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 Gaiking    Theme
The planet Zera is a highly advanced technological civilization but was helpless against the power of a black hole that consumed their planet. Led the Black Darius, the Zerans under the guidance of the four generals of death plan to immigrate to a new planet to preserve their way of life. That planet just happens to be Earth. With the aid of some runaway aliens, Dr. Daimonji was given the knowhow to produce Gaiking, a super robot system in the shape of a dragon that would be prepared for the coming Zeran invasion. Ace baseball pitcher Sanshiro Tsuwabuki was targeted by the Zerans who saw him as a potential threat, wounding his pitching arm and ending his career. However, his skills will become useful when Dr. Daimonji recruits him to be the pilot of Gaiking in the fight to protect Earth.

Gaiking was from Daiku Maryu Gaiking (Dino Mecha Gaiking) shown in America as part of the Force Five series. Gaiking is one of the cooler Shoguns, with the animal skull face on his chest. Rockets shot from the eyes of his chest while a shooting fist rounded out the arsenal. As noted earlier, Gaiking gains the initial release Mazinga's rockets with triangular vanes. Later versions come with the standard vane rockets. Both boxed versions have a white rocket with red vane pictured on the box. This variation is also sometimes found. This is one of the hardest figures to find in the 5" Chogokin version , but is fairly common as a second release Jumbo Machinder.

The box for Gaiking reads:

  • Skull-Like Mask, Head Turns
  • Fist Can Be Launched
  • Arm Rotates, Bends At Elbow
  • Leg Rollers & 4 Rockets
  • Both Arms Raise & Lower
  • Rockets Can Be Launched From Chest

No Batteries! No Electricity!

CONTENTS: GAIKING™ warrior 23 1/2" tall, with Comes FULLY ASSEMBLED. rockets not for use with all SHOGUN© Warriors.

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