Shogun Warriors
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 Raider    Theme
The Getter Robo has served on many missions, but now it is useless. After the unfortunate death of the third pilot, Musashi, the Getter Robo is burned in his honor. But now, a new Getter Robo has been developed -- Getter Robo G which is able to transform into 3 giant robots: Getter Dragon, Getter Ryger and Getter Poseidon. It seems as if this new Getter Robo has come just in time because a new enemy is already appeared.

Raider is actually Getter Ryger from Getter Robo G (called Star Arrow and Starvengers on Force Five).

Raider was never released in the USA as a Jumbo Shogun Warrior, yet he was featured in the range of small toys and was one of the main robots in Starvengers on Force Five.