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Hello everyone, Crow T. Robot here. After witnessing the pure $#!+ that Dean Devlin shoveled off on us in 1998 and had the nerve to call Godzilla, I decided to watch and review all the Godzilla movies I could get my hands on. While these movies don't feature the best scripts or SFX, they have something that Dean's Godzilla movie never will... they have heart and soul.

Godzilla started out in 1954 and more or less lasted through 15 movies from 1954 until about 1975. These movies make up the original series known as the Showa series. In 1985 Godzilla was revived and updated. This Godzilla movie was released in the US as Godzilla 1985 and ignored all the other movies except the first one. This movie marks the beginning of a new series of Godzilla movies called the Heisei series. The Heisei series lasted through 7 movies and ended in 1995 with Godzilla vs. Destoroyah wherein Godzilla died. A later series of stand-alone movies were made by Toho in response to the bungled American Godzilla movie of 1998.

One thing that is always great about any Godzilla movie old or new (no I don't mean that cruddy 1998 film) is watching some guy in a Godzilla suit smash though toy buildings and step on toy cars and tanks with fire crackers popping all around him while handing out ass whuppings to some big bad monster. This is what it is all about folks!

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