Godzilla King of the Monsters
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Godzilla Toy Shelf
Crow T. Robot There have been so many Godzilla toys made that it would be impossible to show them all! I am therefore trying only to show the ones I think are the coolest...

I have chosen two toy companies that have made lines of Godzilla toys that I feel are the best, Bandai in Japan and Trendmasters in The USA. The Bandai toys are about the best and most accurately detailed line I have ever seen. The Trendmaster toys are not as accurate but they are still cool. Bring on the toys! Just follow the links below to each shelf--

[Trendmasters Toy Shelf]

[Bandai Toy Shelf]

These pages are image intensive so be patient as they load. They are worth the wait and are much better to look at than Servo's underwear collection!

The Trendmasters section now has pictures of my personal collection! I have taken new photos of all my Godzilla toys. For reference I still have a page with the Trendmasters toys I still don't own.

NOTE: These toys are not for sale from this site! I am not a vendor I don't offer anything for sale on any of my web sites! And no I don't have a clue where you can find any of them either with the exception of Trendmasters. I don't even own all these toys.

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