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Godzilla Letters Page
Here is some wonderful mail that has been sent to me by Godzilla fans from all across the world. These are actual emails that have been sent to me. I have changed the names in the headers to protect the writers.

Note: This page was originally supposed to feature some of the more kookie and funny flames that I was receiving almost daily last year when I first put up this site. Those have died out completely now. All I get now is fan email or email expressing support for my hatred of Notzilla. Therefore I won't be adding to this page anymore but I will leave it up for chuckles.
From: alex [fan@cyberzilla.net]
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: Shared hatred
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 23:36:26 GMT

I'm glad I finally found someone who hates the new so-called Godzilla movie that's crapping on theaters everywhere. Hopefully it will die quickly and never be resurrected. If you ever want to put together a list of links for people who hate this garbage as much as I (and you) do, let me know...include me on it. Really, you should get hold of the most recent Godzilla movies from Toho...you'd love them!!

Thats for the support Alex. Yes I've mounted an all out effort to get my hands on those movies that are not in my collection at this time. I've also heard a rumor or two that we may see the last three movies finally see release in the US. Lets keep out fingers crossed and hope TriStar shells out the dough to get them dubbed.

Update! As stated below, my collection of Godzilla movies is now complete. Also Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla vs. Destroyah are now available in the USA. Soon Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II will be released by Columbia/TriStar as well the two new Mothra movies.

From: "New Fan" [juvenile@twelve.com]
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: New Godzilla bestest
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 9:14:03 CDT

Dear phreek

New gozilla rulz and culd kik old godzillas ass any day! you suk!

Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule at summer school making up all those classes you flunked to write to me. I feel honored.

From: "Big Bird" [idiot@dumbass.com]
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: Godzilla
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 14:20:11 PDT

     Hi! I just have a couple of things to say about your poor excuse for a Godzilla site (no offense). I understand that you hate the Tristar Godzilla. I in my own opinion think that it is the best Godzilla movie made and that the new one could kick the old ones ass. But that isn't really what I am mailing you about. On your review for the Tristar movie you said that if Godzilla lays eggs it has to be a female. NOT TRUE! Alot of lizards and reptiles reproduce asexually, so you have no right to say that Godzilla is a girl. Alot of animals reproduce that way, but on your page you talk about it like it is a lie or something, which is not true.

Just correcting you on something! Bye.

Big Bird

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. How old are you? About 7 or 8? I'm sorry you have no sense of humor and couldn't understand the site.

From: "G-fan" [G-fan@G-fan.net]
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: Original vs. New
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 22:34:27 -0400

Agreeing with you on some points.      I went to see the 1998 movie and thought it was Ok, not spectacular like all the others. The plot was rushed and the characters were not very developed. I have always stayed true to the original. You are right in most cases, no matter how fast the new Godzilla can run, or how high he can jump, the uniqueness of the original's atomic plasma breath and how everyone just loves to piss him off just wasn't there. But that's Tri-Star's screw up, right? They wanted something new, they got it. I see the new Godzilla as a neat thing to draw, though. Oh, and go get the Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993 version), you'll love Mecha's new looks! He's got muscles!
     A G-fan.:)

Thanks G-fan. I want those last three movies really bad, and I need Big G Raids again too!

Update! I now own all of these Godzilla movies! Thanks to all the people who have written me expressing a disire to help me get them.

From: "Cookie Crisp" [cookie@crisp.com]
Subject: the New Godzilla
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:00:08

Dear Crow,

     I haven't seen the new Godzilla film, and after reading your page, I have no intention of doing so. Your own diatribes against the film were convincing, but your letters page sealed it. The fact that all the defenders of the new Godzilla appear to be drooling all over themselves as they drag themselves by their knuckles to the keyboard to type their responses definitely convinced me that the new Godzilla isn't worth my time or money. Keep up the good work.

-- Cookie Crisp

Thanks Cookie Crisp. Perhaps you will deside to go rent a Big G classic and become a fan yourself!

From: Festus [festus@gunsmoke.com
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: Burn in heck!
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:38:24 +0200


You dumb! You give masterpiece Ghidrahthreeheadedmonster one perl! Youdumb! Me'n ma will come thump you! Pa no like you too! You stoopid! New gozilla best gozilla!


Heh. Uhh... Ok right. I guess Cookie Crisp is right.

From: femmefatal [Femme@americanfan.net
To: webmaster@billboutique.com
Subject: New G roolz, Old G sux
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 21:31:37 EDT

You really hated the '98 Godzilla movie did ya? Well, I liked it! And I agree with Big Bird, just because Godzilla lays eggs in Madison Square Garden doesn't means he's a girl, and don't asexual your ass, buster! New Godz rules and Old Godz Drools!!!!

Ahhh. I haven't had a good chuckle in a long long time, lady. Thanks. I have had a few pretenders try to immortalize themsleves by sending me some half hearted crap hoping to get on the letters page but yours is the first with some heart so here you are.

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