Godzilla King of the Monsters
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Crow's Godzilla Movie Reviews

I'm back... And better than ever... 

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This site is set up to have some fun and be informative. It is for fans of Godzilla and fans of MST3K. I'm not some sort of Godzilla expert or anything, I was just very upset with the way one of my favorite chrarcters was ruined by Dean Devlin and his shitty movie. What this site is not... Well for one this is not a Gamera site! Nor is it a place you can get pirate copies of Godzilla movies or buy Godzilla toys and other merchandise. No money is generated here. Nothing is for sale here. Don't ask me to make copies of any of these movies either! There are plenty of legitimate sources of videos on the links page. This site is not and never will be intended to generate profit or to infringe on any copyrights. I am just a fan of Godzilla and I want to share my love of Godzilla with other fans.

Dean Devlin has no clue what Godzilla was, is, or ever will be! I hope Mr. Devlin and Centropolis have lost lots and lots of money and will never eeeeeever try to make another Godzilla movie again!

A Note to the Painfully Clueless:
  • If you think Godzilla 98 rocked and that the old Godzilla blows... I don't care;
  • If you think Dean Devlin and/or Roland Emmerich is the greatest person(s) on earth... I don't care;
  • If you think Godzilla 2000 sucked... I don't care;
  • If you like subtitled movies better than dubbed movies... I don't care;
  • If you think my review of [insert movie here] sucks... I don't care;
  • If you think I got [insert detail here] all wrong... I don't care;
  • If anything I have said or done on this website pisses you off... I don't care;
  • If you are banned from the guestbook and are pissed off about it... I don't care;
  • If you think [insert your favorite monster here] is the greatest monster of all time and could whip Godzilla's ass any day of the week, well guess what? ... I don't care;
  • If you think this entire website sucks, well, there are plenty of other web pages you can go to besides this one, hell, make your own... I don't care;
  • If you fall into any of the above catagories, DO NOT EMAIL ME, I simply do not care.

Thank you for your understanding.

I know what is Godzilla and what is not Godzilla!
You know the difference between what's GODZILLA and what's not! Congratulations, you have a mental capacity greater than Seyfarth Shaw, the legal-eagle of Toho Co. LTD. You can tell the difference between GODZILLA and not-zilla, why can't they?

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